Pensacola State College offers a variety of degrees and certificates including bachelor degrees, associate degrees, college-credit certificates, and vocational certificates.

Bachelor Degree (BAS/BSN)

The B.S. degree prepares you to enter an advanced position within a specialized career field. Bachelor’s degrees require about four years of study.

Associate in Arts (AA)

The Associate in Arts degree (A.A.) is a general studies degree. An A.A. Degree will prepare you to transfer to a Florida public university as a junior. These are two year degrees.

Associate in Science (AS)

The Associate in Science degree (A.S.) prepares you to enter a specialized career field. It also transfers to the B.A.S. (Bachelor of Applied Science) program offered at some universities. These are two year degrees.

Certificate / Diploma

A certificate prepares you to enter a specialized career field or upgrade your skills for job advancement. Credits earned can be applied toward a related A.S. degree program.

Business, Engineering & Technology

Professional Service Careers