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Exciting changes are underway to Pirate software technology – new provider, new platform, new possibilities!

Welcome to the employee information portal for the Pensacola State College Workday project.

These pages will be your resource for project explanation, progress updates, and useful links for training and contacts.

Please bookmark this page for future reference. Periodic emails and departmental announcements will reference these pages.


What is Workday?

Workday is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which replaced our Financial Records System (Accounting, Purchase Orders, Budget, Payroll, HR) on July 1, 2020 (Phase 1).  Phase 2 began August 1, 2020 starting the process of replacing our Student System (eRosters, eAdvising, eManagement, Spyglass).

The exploration phase of the project began several years ago with our Administration analyzing multiple ERP providers, included peer interviews and staff presentations and demonstrations, and became official on January 22, 2019, when our Board of Trustees approved Administration’s recommended solution and signed the contract with Workday.

An overview video can be seen here: WHAT IS WORKDAY


Implementation Plan

To assist with implementing Workday at PSC, the College has also contracted with Incline Alchemy, Inc. (Alchemy), our Workday implementation consultant. Alchemy will work with an expert team of our peers, called Functional Leads, that were identified by the Project Executive Committee. (CLICK HERE to see the Phase 1 Workday Project Team.)

Phase 2 is expected to continue thru 2022. To view the implementation timeline, CLICK HERE.



Pensacola State became a member of a software consortium on October 25, 1991, eventually named the Florida Community College Computer Consortium (Consortium). The original members included Daytona Beach Community College, Gulf Coast Community College, Pasco-Hernando Community College, Pensacola Junior College, Polk Community College, St. Petersburg Junior College, and Seminole Community College. The Consortium develops and maintains Human Resource, Financial, Payroll, and Academic software. You may recognize their packages by the names adopted by PSC: eHuman Resources, Financial Records System, Payroll, and the suite of Academic tools, eAdvising, eManagement, eRosters, and Spyglass, our student portal. Pensacola State is the site host for many of its developers who have successfully powered Financial and Student systems at Florida colleges.

Over the years, members have adopted other software solutions and PSC and Pasco-Hernando remained in 2018. Both remaining members of the Consortium concluded that it is cost prohibitive to re-tool the Consortium platform and have decided to also adopt other software solutions.

What is Workday?

Workday – Getting Started For Mobile

Project Team - Phase 1

Team Member Official Title Project Role
Dr. Ed Meadows President President
Steve Whiting Coordinator, Workday Implementation Project Manager
Melissa Jernigan Workday Testing/Training Specialist Testing/Training Specialist
Clive Houston Workday Technical Specialist Integrations FL
Christina Sullivan Workday Senior Administrative Assistant Change Communicator
Dr. Erin Spicer Vice President, Academic and Student Affairs Executive Sponsor & HCM Backup
Dr. Brenda Kelly Senior Dean, Academic Affairs Academic Liaison
Dr. Kirk Bradley Dean, Baccalaureate Studies and Academic Support Academic Liaison
Dr. Dusti Sluder Dean, Health Sciences Academic Liaison
Sarah Lewis Coordinator, Administrative Support Academic Credentialing Lead
Gean Ann Emond Vice President, Business Affairs HCM, Payroll, Financials, Revenue Backup & Executive Sponsor
Nan Jackson Comptroller Expenses, Financials, & Revenue FL
Ella Barker Coordinator, Accounts Payable AP FL
Nichole Johns Capital Outlay Accountant, Comptroller Financials SME
Frances Jackson Accounting Specialist Supplier Accounts SME
Fred Holt Restricted Account Specialist Functional Unit Tester
Rodney Weddington Senior Accounting Clerk Functional Unit Tester
Theresa Yoakum Senior Accounting Clerk Functional Unit Tester
Donna Carlisle Accounting Assistant Functional Unit Tester
Theresa O’Quinn Senior Executive Assistant, Business Affairs Functional Unit Tester
Lanatta Barrett Senior Administrative Assistant, Comptroller Functional Unit Tester
Sheryl Walker Assistant Comptroller Grants SME
Chris Rivera Grant Accountant Grants SME
Dr. Debbie Douma Dean, Grants and Federal Programs Grants SME
Jamie Russell Grants Development Manager Grants SME
Shannon Crawford Senior Administrative Assistant, Grants Functional Unit Tester
Anh Seegert Bursar, Cashier’s Office Projects Billing FL
Val Martinez Coordinator, Student Financial Services Functional Unit Tester
Melonie Miner Contract Administrator Customer Contracts SME
Tammy Henderson Director, Human Resources Absence & HCM FL
Rhonda Likely Assistant Director, Human Resources Recruiting FL
Davieda Grierson Benefits Processing Specialist, Human Resources Benefits SME
Tanesha McCreary Employment Specialist Functional Unit Tester
Elaine Morris Human Resources Specialist Functional Unit Tester
Lindsey Self Human Resources Specialist Functional Unit Tester
Monica Williams Human Resources Specialist Functional Unit Tester
Ted Young Director, Purchasing Procurement FL
Renee Hosea Purchasing Specialist Procurement SME
Clark Puckett Purchasing Specialist Functional Unit Tester
Cathy Alman Senior Administrative Assistant, PPO Functional Unit Tester
Pat Duncan Director, Payroll Payroll & Time Tracking FL
Karen Spracklen Payroll Accountant Functional Unit Tester
Janice Bryson Payroll Specialist Functional Unit Tester
Tom Gilliam Vice President General Counsel, Administrative Services Executive Sponsor
Bert Merritt Executive Director, Systems Support Integrations FL
Beau McHenry Director, MIS Support Integrations FL
Erin Hernandez Director, Systems Support Integrations FL
Michelle Dean Systems Coordinator, Finance, MIS Integrations FL
Ben McCrary Systems Analyst, MIS Integrations FL
Pat Warner Systems Analyst Data Reporting SME
Evelyn Gutknecht Senior Systems Analyst Integrations FL
Michael Johnston Executive Director, Institutional Research Data Analyst
Sheila Nichols Executive Director, Marketing & Communications Marketing FL
Jonathan Dunham Marketing Assistant Marketing/Graphics

FL = Functional Lead
SME = Subject Matter Expert

Progress - Phase 1

decorative image of Timeline-09-02-20 , Workday 2020-09-02 10:20:39

Project Team - Phase 2

decorative image of v3 , Workday 2020-09-10 15:22:39
Dr. Ed Meadows Dr. Erin Spicer Anita Kovacs Steve Whiting
Dr. Brenda Kelly Bert Merritt Melissa Jernigan
Kathy Dutremble Beau McHenry Clive Houston
Michael Johnston Christina Sullivan
FL – Scott Bemiss FL – Samantha Hill FL – Stephanie Denmark FL – Dr. Kirk Bradley
David Feliciano David Feliciano Karen Roshell Dr. Dusti Sluder
Samantha Hill Deirdre Donohoe Dr. Kirk Bradley Karen Roshell
Savana Hatten Dr. Dusti Sluder Patrice Friant Steve Zukowski
Steve Zukowski Maria Brake Savana Hatten
Mike Listau Steve Zukowski
Savana Hatten
Steve Zukowski
FL – Dr. Monique Collins FL – Joanne Rozborski FL – Val Martinez FL – Dr. Brenda Kelly
Jennifer Hill Faron Barbara Ales Anh Seegert Tammy Henderson
Dr. Karen McCabe Evelyn Gant Evelyn Gant Pat Duncan
Dr. Katie Hudon Evelyn Gutknecht Evelyn Gutknecht Dr. Dusti Sluder
Dr. Kirk Bradley Jeff Starke Jeff Starke Dr. Kirk Bradley
Rafael Deliz Linda Feinberg Joanne Rozborski Mike Listau
Saundra Colville Michelle Branch Nan Jackson
Savana Hatten Steve Zukowski
Steve Zukowski
FL – Dr. Kirk Bradley FL – Michael Johnston FL – Michael Johnston FL – Dr. Tracy Peyton
Dr. Dusti Sluder Brian Simmons Barbara Ales Dr. Karen McCabe
Joanne Rozborski Darius Simmons Brian Simmons Dr. Katie Hudon
Michael Johnston David Feliciano Deborah Hooks Samantha Hill
Dr. Monique Collins Evelyn Gant Diane Bracken Marketing Team
Patrice Friant Evelyn Gutknecht Erin Hernandez
Samantha Hill Jeff Starke Evelyn Gant
Scott Bemiss Mary Graves Evelyn Gutknecht
Stephanie Denmark Neil Gonzales Jeff Starke
Val Martinez Pat Warner Joanne Rozborski
Samantha Hill Dr. Kirk Bradley
Savana Hatten Liz Gomez
Stephanie Denmark Dr. Lynsey Listau
Steve Zukowski Mary Graves
Tina Corbin Pat Warner
Paul Chaney
Rachelle Burns
Samantha Hill
Savana Hatten
Scott Bemiss
Stephanie Denmark
Steve Zukowski
Tina Corbin
Val Martinez

FL = Functional Lead
SME = Subject Matter Expert

Timeline - Phase 2

decorative image of Student-Timeline , Workday 2020-08-06 15:10:01

Training Plan

Multiple resources will be provided to assist you in the Workday transition. You will be provided step by step instructions for each Workday process. Our peers have compiled materials (both documents and videos) to step you through the basic processes.

These materials will be perpetually available for your reference and will be delivered via Canvas, Pensacola State’s learning management system.

Please utilize Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Internet browsers to access Workday and Canvas.  CLICK HERE for Canvas technical requirements.



Is Workday compatible with all internet browsers?

♦ Workday is supported by most modern internet browsers.

Will PirateNet be going away?

♦ PirateNet will continue to be an available resource.  Housekeeping/Maintenance Requests and other forms and official documents will be kept and utilized via PirateNet.

Will the benefits enrollment process be streamlined through Workday?

♦ Benefits enrollment will be self-administered through Workday.

Will temporary personnel (i.e., Kelly Services) have access to Workday?

♦ Temporary personnel will have access to Workday.

How long will historical financial data be available?

♦ In general, one year of historical detailed data and two years of summary data will be available in Workday.  PSC legacy data will no longer be accessible July 1, 2020.