Helping Student, Faculty & Staff Resolve Conflicts

The Office of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct at Pensacola State College exists to help students, faculty, and staff resolve conflict on campus. Students are expected to know and follow the Student Code of Conduct. If you have any type of issue related to student conduct, sexual misconduct, bias incidents, or academic integrity, the Office of Student Conduct is where you can report these issues. The Office of Student Conduct investigates all reports and works closely with the College Public Safety Office and the Title IX Coordinator to handle all reports in an appropriate and timely manner.


The mission of the Office of Student Conduct is to create policies and procedures to support the educational goals of the College by establishing an environment of responsible conduct, providing education and training to students, faculty and staff and developing a fair process to hold students and student groups accountable for conduct violations and inappropriate behavior.


Respect- A community that shows care and understanding for all students, staff and faculty.

Integrity- A community that shows honesty and ethical practices in interactions with one another.

Responsibility- A community that understands the impact of actions on students, staff, and faculty.

Fairness- A community that provides a process in which all voices can be heard.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students participating in the conduct process will demonstrate increased knowledge of College policies and procedures.
  2. Students participating in the conduct process will understand the impact of their decisions and behaviors on themselves and the College community.
  3. Students participating in the conduct process will develop a plan for success at the college following their interaction with the Office of Student Conduct.

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