The BAS degree in Business and Management concentration in Graphic Design Management provides access to the student who already has skills in graphic design and hopes to advance to a higher level position within graphic design businesses. The upper-level coursework included in this concentration will broaden the student’s knowledge in graphic design and management practices with the goal of preparing the BAS graduate for supervisory and management opportunities within graphic design professions.

Note: Any student interested in pursuing the BAS in Business and Management with a concentration in Graphic Design should meet with the Department Head of Visual Arts in order to develop a personalized degree plan.

A student with an AA degree must complete an additional 21 credit hours in courses at the lower division 1000 and 2000 level with a prefix of ARH, ART, GRA, or PGY in order to enroll in the Graphic Design Concentration or have earned an AS or AAS degree in Graphic Design.

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