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Fee Payment for Summer and Fall 2015

Summer Term 2015 (Session A, B, C and D)

Tuition & fees are due on:

  • Fee payment due date: 05/08/2015
Fall Term 2015 (Session A, B, C and D)

Tuition & fees are due on:

  • Fee payment due date #1: 07/22/2015
  • Fee payment due date #2: 08/11/2015
Registration schedules that remain unpaid by the close of business on each fee payment date will be cancelled. Any classes registered for after the due date for Summer and the second due date for Fall must paid on the day of registration or they will purge.

Financial Aid Helpful Hints

  • Apply early every year
  • Make the grade
  • Understand the financial aid programs
  • Understand the Financial Aid Standards of Academic Progress
  • Seek many scholarships Borrow responsibly – there are limits on loans
  • Stay on track toward your degree – there are limits to financial aid
  • Enroll in only those courses required for your degree
  • Pay attention to deadlines – it could cost you money
  • Read all communications from the College via Pirate Mail
  • Bright Futures recipients must File FAFSA

Quick Reference Guide to Major Financial Aid Programs

Program Funding Source FAFSA Required Separate Application with Pensacola State College Basis Min. Enrollment (Required in major) Information
Pell Grant Federal Yes No Need Varies by EFC LINK
Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant Federal Yes No Need Varies LINK
Work Study Federal Yes Yes Need 6 credit hours LINK
Stafford Direct Loans Federal Yes Yes 6 credit hours LINK
First Generation in College State Yes No Need 6 credit hours LINK
Florida Academic Scholar – Bright Futures State Yes No Merit 6 credit hours LINK
Florida Medallion Scholar – Bright Futures State Yes No Merit 6 credit hours LINK
Florida Gold Seal Vocational – Bright Futures State Yes No Merit 6 credit hours LINK
Florida Student Assistant Grant State Yes No Need 6 credit hours LINK
Florida Student Assistant Grant – CE State Yes No Need 6 credit hours LINK
Florida Work Experience Program State Yes Yes Need 6 credit hours LINK
Other State Programs State Varies No Varies 6 credit hours LINK
Pensacola State College Academic Scholarships Institutional Yes Yes Merit 12 credit hours LINK
Pensacola State College Foundation Scholarships Institutional No Yes Varies Varies LINK

Financial Aid FAQ’s

Click or touch the question to see the answer.

1. How do I find out more about obtaining a Pell Grant?

A Pell grant is a federal grant for undergraduate students with financial need. Please visit the Federal Pell Grant Site for more information on the Pell Grant.

2. How do I get a grant to go to college?

You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at to establish eligibility for federal and state grants. The process may take four weeks or longer.

3. Is my financial aid renewed each academic year?

No. You must reapply each academic year. The best time to apply for aid is during the January preceding the academic year of enrollment. The new FAFSA must be filed and evaluated by both the federal processor and the college for each academic year for which the student is seeking assistance.

4. What is an EFC?

The financial and household information that you provide on your FAFSA is used to determine your eligibility for federal student financial aid. The EFC is an estimate of your resources for college.

5. Who has access to the information on my financial aid application?

Only the Financial Aid office at Pensacola State College has access to this confidential information.

6. What happens if I withdraw from college or quit attending classes?

Prior to withdrawing, a student must contact the Financial Aid office. All students receiving federal financial aid are required to repay all or part of any grant or loan received when withdrawing from or abandoning their attendance in all courses prior to completing more than 60% of the term. The amount required to be repaid is determined by the amount of aid disbursed, the amount that could have been disbursed, and the percentage of the enrollment period the student completed. Students who withdraw or are withdrawn from courses after the end of schedule adjustment will be billed by the college for those hours and will be unable to register for any future term until their debt to the college is paid. All costs of collection including reasonable attorney fees will be the responsibility of the student.

7. Do I complete a separate application for all types of aid?

The FAFSA enables the college to consider you for PELL, SEOG, FSAG, and the first step to determining college work study eligibility. For information on Direct Loan please go to Financial Aid page.

9. What is my DRN number?

The DRN number is assigned to your FAFSA results. This number is used by you to make changes to your SAR. Do not give this number to anyone.

10. Why did my financial aid award change from last year?

The federal formula for determining your EFC (Expected Family Contribution) and information you provide on your FAFSA changes each year.

11. Must I enroll full-time to receive financial aid?

Your EFC determines at what enrollment level you are eligible for aid (Full-Time (12 or more credits), ¾ time (9-11 credits), Half-Time (6-8 credits). To be eligible for the FDLP (Direct Loan), Federal Work-Study, and the Florida Work Experience programs you must enroll at least half-time (6 credit hours) each semester.

12. How is my Social Security Number used?

The Student Financial Aid Office uses SSNs in the application process for determining eligibility for financial aid such as grants, loans, work assistance programs and scholarships (including Bright Futures). The SSNs are used to identify students by the Florida Office of Student Financial Aid and the U.S. Department of Education. Each student must report his/her SSN on the FAFSA. If an SSN is not provided, the FAFSA will not be processed.

14. How much does it cost to attend?

Please go to our Financial Aid page for information on the cost of attendance.

15. Who is eligible?

All financial aid is dependent upon the availability of federal, state, and local institutional resources. To be eligible for financial aid, a student must:

  • Be accepted as a Pensacola State College degree-seeking student taking courses required for their AA, AAS, AS, or baccalaureate degree program or be accepted as a Pensacola State College certificate-seeking student in an eligible Vocational Certificate Program.
  • Be making satisfactory academic progress for financial aid purposes (FASAP).
  • Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident alien, or an eligible noncitizen.
  • Enroll at least half-time (six credit hours) to be eligible for most aid programs.
  • Not be in default on a prior student loan.
  • Not owe a repayment or overpayment of a Federal grant.
  • Not have a resisting financial obligation to Pensacola State College.
  • Be registered for Selective Service, if required.
  • Have a standard high school diploma or GED certificate (or if previously enrolled in an eligible program prior to 1 July 2012 meet Federal Ability to Benefit (ATB) test score guidelines, or have successfully completed 6 college level credits with a grade of C or better). College Placement Tests (CPT-ATB) scores of 55, Sentence Skills 60, and Arithmetic 34 are minimum required scores.
  • Not have been convicted for sale or possession of illegal drugs during a term in which they received Title IV federal financial aid.

16. How is aid awarded?

Aid is awarded based on successful completion of the application steps. Federal, State and institutional funds are awarded to all eligible students, first eligible-first awarded, until all funds are depleted. Aid is lowered or increased based on eligibility and the number of credits enrolled after registration. You may receive additional funds later in the term if you have late session courses (students who enroll in a later session will receive their aid after beginning attendance). Higher One will notify you by Pirate Email when those funds are deposited to your account.

18. Why do I need a OneCard?

All financial aid credit balances are transferred to a student Higher One account. NO EXCEPTIONS. Is it important to activate the OneCard as soon as you receive it. For details and help, go to Pensacola State OneCard.

19. How will I receive my earnings from FCWS and FWEP?

Payroll checks for FCWS and FWEP earnings are paid by direct deposit every two weeks based on the number of hours the student has worked. Student Job Services and Human Resources assist student workers with this process.