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SPD Offers Faculty and Staff Development via Starlink

Full time and part time faculty and staff have access to the entire catalog of Starlink courses, webinars, and leadership training.  There are hundreds of hours of high quality professional development accessible 24/7 with any internet connection.  Monthly webinar series are also available and will be announced in the SPD weekly announcement.

To view Starlink videos, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to starlinktraining.org and click on “Get Started” tab at the top.  You will see a drop down menu; if you already have an account, you can simply login at the prompt.
  2. Click “First Time User” and fill out the registration by using your pensacolastate.edu email as your username. (Note: you do not need your employee ID to set up an account – you can leave that field blank)
  3. Click “Register”.  You will receive an email from STARLINK to verify your account. Once you click the verification in your email, you are ready to use STARLINK.
  4. If you would like to receive in-service professional development credit, please complete the SPD Professional Development Activity Form. All Starlink sessions qualify for professional development but only announced workshops will appear on your Spyglass transcript.

Juanita Scott, (850) 484-1953 or (850) 484-1754, jscott@pensacolastate.edu

SPD Workshops, Events, and College Committees

Convocation Events

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Send your feedback and comments to

Juanita Scott
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Professional Development Transcript

You can access your professional development transcript via Spyglass.  Sign into Spyglass and select “Transcript” from the menu.  Your unofficial transcript will be displayed.

Register for Professional Development Activities

You can register for college-sponsored professional development via Spyglass.  As a reminder, to ensure that the session you are attending appears on your transcript, please sign the attendance roster provided.

If you have never registered for an SPD in-service workshop via Spyglass, you must complete the Non Credit Enrollment Form. Once you have completed this form, you can access Spyglass and register for in-service workshops.
Helpful Tips…

  • Kelly Services employees and adjunct instructors should contact the SPD office once the Non-credit Enrollment Form is complete and a student ID number is established
  • Use your employee ID to sign into Spyglass
  • Remember to select “Employee-SPD” for the current term
  • You can print your trial schedule and transcript directly from Spyglass
  • You can drop a workshop using the “Drop Course” link
  • If you need assistance with your PIN number, please contact the Help Desk at 484-1600
  • If you need additional assistance with registration, please contact SPD at 484-1754.

Non Instructional Duty Day

The next Spring Non-Instructional Duty Day is Friday, January 4, 2019. Schedule of events will be posted soon.

Professional Development Resources

The following professional development resources are available through the SPD:

Online Professional Development

  • Getting Results – This online course funded by the National Science Foundation has been created especially for community college educators.  It focuses on pedagogical best practices as well as teaching with technology and assessment.
  • Starlink – View teleconferences that were previously broadcast live which deal with a variety of education topics.

For assistance accessing these resources please contact our office at (850) 484-1754.

Professional Development Programs

  • Convocation
  • Customized Department Training
  • New Faculty Orientation
  • New  Employee Orientation
  • Summer Institute
  • Fall Institute
  • Adjunct  Incentive Plan
  • Adjunct Orientation
  • Cultural Awareness Training

Adjunct Handbook – 2015

Initial Credentialing – Information regarding Initial Credentialing can be found in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

eLearning – eLearning sessions are available through the eLearning Department.  All eLearning sessions are also listed on the SPD calendar.  CLICK HERE to visit to the eLearning website.

Fall & Spring Training Calendar – A schedule of in-service workshops, webinars and specialized training sessions provided college-wide.