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The College Credit Certificate in Food and Beverage Operations provides the students the skills required to work in operations or managerial positions in the food and beverage field such as: Restaurant Server Shift Supervisor, Restaurant Supervisor, or Bar/Lounge Supervisor. The program is composed of selected college credit courses offered within the Associate in Science degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Each student is strongly encouraged to consult an advisor or counselor prior to course registration.


Required Courses

FSS2284C Catering, Banquet, and Event Management 3cc
HFT1000 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry 3cc
HFT1860 Bar and Beverage Management 3cc
HFT2500 Marketing in the Hospitality Industry 3cc
HFT2600 Concepts of Hospitality Law 3cc
HFT2850C Management of Dining 3cc

Total Credit Hours: 18cc

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