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Mr. Jimmie Langham

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Introduction to the Culinary Management Associate in Science Degree (AS) Program

This program in Culinary Management prepares individuals for careers in the many widely varied areas of the culinary industry. The Culinary Management program provides the student with a unique combination of comprehensive theoretical knowledge and hands-on training. The program is carefully structured to meet the requirements of American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission. Students will master the fundamentals of culinary production in an environment that builds teamwork while gaining practical individualized experience.

Students may receive dual credits toward Diploma and/or professional certificates with appropriate courses in the program.

Because of limited lab resources, enrollment for FSS 1220C and FSS 1063C is limited to Culinary students unless prior approval from the program coordinator is obtained. Preferences will be given to Culinary students who have completed or substantially completed general education courses followed by Culinary students who have completed all required developmental courses. Any remaining seats will be available to Culinary students who have not yet completed required developmental courses or who have received special permission from the program coordinator.

The Associate in Science degree in Culinary Management includes College Credit Certificates in:

  • Chef Apprentice
  • Culinary Arts
  • Culinary Arts Management

Students in this program are encouraged to apply to graduate with the certificate as the requirements are satisfied.


We strongly encourage you to contact the Professional Service Careers Department for assistance in planning your program of study.

Is This For You?

People who enjoy working indoors, with food, serving others, and being part of a team, may be interested in culinary management as a career. If you are energetic, self-confident, creative, and persistent, you have the personal traits needed to be successful in this career

Beyond Graduation . . .

To advance in their career, students can obtain certification by the American Culinary Federation at a level commensurate with any previous experience. Restaurant and food service managers can obtain the Food Service Management Professional certification which is a measure of their professional achievement.

Executive chefs need extensive experience working as line cooks and sous chefs and general managers need experience working as assistant managers. Willingness to relocate often is essential for advancement to positions with greater responsibility. Managers advance to larger establishments, or regional management positions within restaurant chains

Related Career Opportunities

Primary Employers

Graduates from the Culinary Management program will provide food services within a large variety of industries including restaurants and other retail eating and drinking establishments, and institutions such as schools, colleges, hospitals, and nursing homes. Other employers include grocery stores, hotels, and private catering services.


Culinary Managers

Involves the production of food, and the management of food production and services. A wide range of opportunities exists for culinary artists with experience and formal training as cooks, chefs, maitre d’s, managers, and health inspectors, in restaurants, schools, supermarket delis and bakeries, health care facilities, and government agencies. Employment opportunities are also found in the sale of food supplies and services, and in catering, food design, and edible product development.

Other Occupations

  • Baker
  • Culinary Manager
  • Kitchen Manager or Assistant
  • Kitchen Supervisor
  • Prep, Lead, or Pantry Cook or Chef

Student Outcomes

Associate in Science in Culinary Management Graduation Rate (%) Job Placement Rate (%) ACF Certification Rate (%)
2019 – 2020 78% 78% 11%
2020 – 2021 24% 75% 11%

Employment Trends

For more information regarding first-year earnings for degree completers and student debt accumulation download or view the Economic Security Report of Employment and Earning Outcomes Click Here, published by the Department of Economic Opportunity.

Escambia/Santa Rosa Counties
Food Service Managers
2015 Cur. Openings
2023 Prj. Openings
Est. Annual Openings
2015 Avg. Median Salary
Okaloosa / Walton Counties
Food Service Managers
2015 Cur. Openings
2023 Prj. Openings
Est. Annual Openings
2015 Avg. Median Salary
All Florida Counties
Food Service Managers
2015 Cur. Openings
2023 Prj. Openings
Est. Annual Openings
2015 Avg. Median Salary

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