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Provides students with a broad foundation in all areas of business and completion of this program will prepare students to seek employment in various business fields. This program includes the management specialization outcomes defined in the Florida Department of Education Curriculum Frameworks. The Business Administration AS program is the preferred academic pathway into the Business and Management baccalaureate degree program at Pensacola State College.

The Associate in Science in Business Administration includes College Credit Certificates in:

  • Business Management
  • Human Resource Administrator

Students in this program are encouraged to apply to graduate with each certificate as the requirements are satisfied.


People who prefer working primarily indoors, like to work with people and ideas rather than things, and have leadership skills, will enjoy working in this career.


The two-year A.S. degree program at Pensacola State prepares graduates to be Business Managers. Managers advance through the ranks in an organization, acquiring several years’ work experience in various administrative positions before assuming general managerial duties. For managers of highly complex services, a bachelor’s degree, preferably in Business Administration, is usually required. A bachelor’s degree enhances a first-level manager’s opportunities to advance to a mid-level management position. Many students will continue their education and training by enrolling in Pensacola State College’s Baccalaureate Degree of Applied Science with an emphasis in Organizational Administration.


Primary Employers

Graduates from the Business Administration Program support a variety of industries. These industries may include wholesale and retail stores and services, financial agencies, banks and large businesses, government agencies, and educational systems.


Business Managers
Oversee all the activities of an agency or business. They supervise, schedule workers, hire employees, keep records, complete reports, market products or services, carry out company policy, and maintain facilities and security.

Administrative Assistants/Office Managers
Coordinate and organize business/office activities such as the flow of correspondence, preparation of payrolls, record keeping, and report preparation, by utilizing various microcomputer systems and software programs. May supervise, hire personnel and ensure that company policies are carried out.

Bank, Loan, Finance Managers/Specialists
Assist customers in completing financial transactions to include loans, deposits, and investment activities. With experience, will manage the various financial activities of banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, or finance companies.

Customer Service Representatives
Work in all businesses and industries. Respond to customer inquiries, handle customer complaints, coordinate and organize customer orders and requests.

Other Occupations

Adjustment Clerk, Employment Interviewer, Public Relations Specialist, Assistant/Coordinator, Human Resources Manager Trainee, Records Specialist, Customer Representative, Marketing Representative

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