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This technical certificate utilizes four essential core courses used in the Mechanical Design & Fabrication AS degree. The CNC Machinist Certificate reflects the culmination of those learned skills and proficiencies that allow a student to set-up and operate CNC machinery and turning centers at the entry level. The core courses provide training on a Haas VF-2 Mill, a Haas TL-1 Lathe, and on a CNC plasma cutter. Complete the requirements for this certificate to get a head start in the field as a CNC Machinist. There are many employment opportunities in the local and regional area in this field of study.

While working on your classes you may choose to co-op to gain valuable working experiences as you learn. In addition you are building a solid foundation for the companion two-year AS degree in Mechanical Design & Fabrication . In short, this technical certificate can be completed in one semester allowing you to start a new career within a short amount of time. All the courses used in the CNC Machinist Technical Certificate are also applicable to the Mechanical Design & Fabrication AS degree.. Additional skills you will learn are aircraft sheet metal riveting; metal fabrication; manual machining and production; and MIG, TIG, and gas welding. The goal of this certificate program is to certify current technology entry level skills in the machining and fabrication industry.


People in this career like physical activities and like to find answers to problems by doing hands-on work. They often prefer to work alone and like to stay busy with a variety of work tasks. These workers need good eye-hand coordination, spacial thinking, form perception, and finger and manual dexterity. They may be described as doers.


This technical certificate comprises four essential core courses that can count toward the completion of an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree in Mechanical Design and Fabrication at Pensacola State College. The A.S. degree at Pensacola State offers on-the-job experience through the Cooperative Education Program.


Primary Employers

Graduates from the CNC Machinist program are prepared for entry level employment in the manufacture of fabricated metal products, machinery, transportation equipment, and plastic products.


CNC Operators

Set up and operate numerical control machine tools that automatically mill, drill, broach, bore and ream metal and plastic parts.

Robotic Machine Operators

Set up and operate industrial robots to drill, countersink and counter-bore workpieces.

CNC Router Set-Up Operators

Set up and operate multi-axis numerically controlled routing machines

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