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Mr. Chad Andrae
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Dr. Kirk Bradley
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Introduction to the Computer Programmer Certificate (CCC) Program

This program prepares students for employment as a computer programmer trainee, a systems analyst trainee, microcomputer specialist and software application technicians. It also provides supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed in this area. All courses in this program apply to the Computer Programming and Analysis AS program, Computer Programming Emphasis.

Is This For You?

People in this career usually prefer to work indoors and organize things. They like to work with words, numbers, and ideas rather than with things. People in this career, as being careful, orderly, and persistent.

Beyond Graduation . . .

Changes in the field of computer programming are ongoing. Graduates will need to stay current with these changes to remain employable in the field.

All courses in the certificate program apply to the Computer Programming and Analysis A.S. degree, completion of which will provide a spring board to higher levels of study (see Computer Programming and Analysis, page 32.)


Computer Operators

Operate central control units or the console of the computer required to run a particular program. Computer operators monitor the computer console and respond to operating and computer messages.

Computer Programmers

Analyze business situations to design and develop a specific program for each assignment, breaking down each step into a logical series of instructions the computer can execute to process information. Program instructions are then coded into computer languages such as COBOL, traditionally used for business applications, or C++, the current standard for other applications. Programmers test, monitor, debug, document, update, and maintain their programs. Job titles include programmer trainee, chief business programmer, information systems programmer, electronic data processing manager, programmer/analyst.

Computer Sales Representatives

Assist potential clients in the selection of appropriate hardware and software. Computer sales representatives are problem solvers. They must have a thorough knowledge of the products so they can develop computer systems and applications to solve a customer’s business management problems.

Other Occupations

  • CICIS Programmer
  • Entry Programmer
  • Internet Programmer
  • Main Frame Programmer
  • Microcomputer Applications Programmer
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Programmer Specialist

Employment Trends

For more information regarding first-year earnings for degree completers and student debt accumulation download or view the Economic Security Report of Employment and Earning Outcomes Click Here, published by the Department of Economic Opportunity.

Escambia/Santa Rosa Counties
Computer Programmers
2015 Cur. Openings
2023 Prj. Openings
Est. Annual Openings
2015 Avg. Median Salary
Okaloosa / Walton Counties
Computer Programmers
2015 Cur. Openings
2023 Prj. Openings
Est. Annual Openings
2015 Avg. Median Salary
All Florida Counties
Computer Programmers
2015 Cur. Openings
2023 Prj. Openings
Est. Annual Openings
2015 Avg. Median Salary

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