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Our computer programming degree focuses on helping the student develop the necessary skills that are essential to understanding computer systems, applications, and technology by providing a strong programming foundation while at the same time emphasizing specific career fields such as programmer, web developer, game developer, software testers, software designers, etc. The program also enables students to learn computer programming languages such a, Java, C++, C#, Visual Basic and PHP.

The Associate in Science degree in Computer Programming and Analysis includes College Credit Certificate in:

  • Computer Programmer

Students in this program are encouraged to apply to graduate with the certificate as the requirements are satisfied.

We strongly encourage you to contact the Computer Science Department for assistance in planning your program of study.


If you enjoy solving puzzles, are comfortable with logical thinking and problem solving, and enjoy working in a team setting, computer programming and analysis could be a technology area you might like to pursue. People in this career usually prefer to work indoors and organize things. They like to work with words, numbers, and ideas rather than with things. People in this career are sometimes described as being careful, orderly, and persistent.


Prospects likely will be best for graduates with knowledge of a variety of programming languages and tools.

Entry-level or State programmers may work alone on simple assignments after some initial instruction, or they may be assigned to work on a team with more experienced programmers. Either way, beginning programmers generally must work under close supervision.

Certification is a way to demonstrate a level of competence, and may provide job seekers with a competitive advantage. In addition to language specific certificates that a programmer can obtain, product vendors or software firms also offer certification and may require professionals who work with their products to be certified. Voluntary certification also is available through various other organizations.


Primary Employers

Graduates from the Computer Programming and Analysis program are employed in most industries including firms that write and sell software, provide engineering and business services, and manufacture computer and office equipment, financial and educational institutions, and insurance and governmental systems.


Computer Operators

Operate central control units or the console of the computer required to run a particular program. Computer operators monitor the computer console and respond to operating and computer messages.

Computer Programmers

Analyze business situations to design and develop a specific program for each assignment, breaking down each step into a logical series of instructions the computer can execute to process information. Program instructions are then coded into computer language traditionally used for business applications, or C++, the current standard for other applications. Programmers test, monitor, debug, document, update, and maintain their programs. Job titles include: programmer trainee, chief business programmer, information systems programmer, electronic data processing manager, programmer/analyst.

Computer Sales Representatives

Assist potential clients in the selection of appropriate hardware and software. Computer sales representatives are problem solvers. They must have thorough knowledge of the products so they can develop computer systems and applications to solve a customer’s business management problems.

  • CICIS Programmer
  • Internet Programmer
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Entry Programmer
  • Main Frame Programmer
  • Programmer Specialist
  • Game Designer
  • Microcomputer Applications Programmer

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