The Pensacola State College Planetarium and Space Theater


We conduct shows for groups of at least 15 who make advance reservation. When we do not anticipate the scheduling group filling the theater, seating is made available for purchase by individuals. All tickets must be purchased in advance using links for each show or by calling the ticket office at (850) 484-1847. Ticket office is open Monday – Friday. For scheduling, see the General Information tab.

There are currently no scheduled shows with available seating.

General Information

Scheduling and Payment

Scheduling a show is done by calling (850) 484-2188 or by directing an email inquiry to Payment for admission can be made at the Ashmore Auditorium Ticket Office inside Building 8 on the Pensacola campus, in advance of the scheduled show. Cash, check, credit or debit card payments are accepted. Credit or debit card payments may also be made by ticket office at (850) 484-1847.

Payment Information:

  • Payment for admission can be made at the Ashmore Auditorium ticket office inside Building 8, on the Pensacola campus, in advance of the scheduled show. Cash, checks, or credit/debit cards are accepted. Credit/debit card payments may also be made by calling ticket office at (850) 484-1847.
  • All sales are final. Refunds are not available.
  • For safety reasons, admittance is not permitted after the show begins; please arrive a few minutes early to allow time to get from the ticket office to the planetarium.

Ticket Prices per Show:

  • $4.00 – Pre-Kindergarten
  • $5.00 – K – 12th Grade
  • $6.00 – All Others

Scheduling and Reservations:

  • Shows are conducted when a group of 15 or more makes advance reservations. Shows may be scheduled by groups of 15 or more for showtimes of 10:00, 11:30, and 1:00,  Monday through Friday when the college is open. We do not schedule evening or weekend shows for groups. There are no regular evening or weekend shows offered. Any shows with seating availability will be listed here with information about admission purchase.
  • Group scheduling and reservations are made by calling (850) 484-2188 or by email inquiry to
  • Show to be presented is determined when reservation is made.

Seating Capacity

The planetarium seats 97 with room for wheelchairs.


Public restrooms are located in the foyer area of the Planetarium’s front entrance.

Picnic Area

There is a small grassy area located outside the planetarium if you’d like to bring sack lunches. There are no tables or trash cans, so please remember to bring blankets to sit on and to take your trash with you.



  • Planetarium: In Building 21 located at the SW corner of the Pensacola campus, near the intersection of Airport Blvd. and Ninth Ave. GPS 30.478, -87.205
  • Ashmore Auditorium ticket office: Located inside Building 8, the Ashmore Fine Arts Building, near the intersection of College Blvd. and Ninth Ave.
  • Campus Map

Available Shows