About Health Related Programs

Direct Patient Contact
  • Dental Hygiene AS degree – observation hours required
  • Electrocardiograph Technician Vocational Certificate
  • Emergency Medical Services AS degree
  • Emergency Medical Technician Applied Technical Diploma – must have valid Healthcare Provider CPR card
  • Medical Assisting Vocational Certificate
  • Paramedic Certificate – must have valid FL EMT license
  • Pharmacy Technician Applied Technical Degree
  • Phlebotomy Technician Vocational Certificate
  • Physical Therapist Assistant AS degree – observation hours required
  • Psychiatric Technician Vocational Certificate
  • Radiography AS degree
  • Sonography AS degree – signed pre-orientation form required
  • Surgical Technology Vocational Certificate
  • Veterinary Technology AS degree – observation hours required
  • Certified Nursing Assistant Vocational Certificate
  • Registered Nurse AS degree
    • Career Mobility RN AS degree
      • LPN-RN – must have valid LPN license
      • Paramedic-RN – must have valid Paramedic license
  • Practical Nursing Vocational Certificate
  • Perioperative Nursing Advanced Technical Certificate – must have valid RN license
Indirect Patient Contact
  • Health Information Technology AS degree
  • Health Service Management AS degree
  • Medical Information Coder/Biller Certificate
  • Medical Records Transcribing Applied Technical degree
  • Public Safety Telecommunicator Vocational Certificate
Bachelor Degrees
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Administration-Health Care Management (HCMG-BAS)
    • BAS-HCMG Information Packet
  • Bachelors of Nursing Science – must have valid RN license
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (NUR-BSN)
    • BSN – A Smart Career Move
    • BSN Information Packet
    • Baccalaureate Application

How To Apply For A Health Related Program

All of the following steps must be completed:

  • Pensacola State College application form: this form can be filled out on-line by going to www.pensacolastate.edu and clicking the ‘Spyglass’ button or request a copy of the application by calling or visiting an Admissions office on any Pensacola State College campus. The form may be returned on-line, by mail, by FAX, or in person. (Specific addresses are on the application form.)
  • A $30 fee is required for a first-time application to Pensacola State College. If you have been to Pensacola State College before, but it has been over one year since you attended, be sure to update your application with Admissions – no fee is required. Telephone numbers for Admissions Offices on each campus are listed below.
  • Official college transcripts for all prior education must be received by the college. The form with instructions can be found on-line at,  , or by contacting Admissions office on any campus (see telephone numbers listed below).
  • Official high school transcript must be received by the college. The form with instructions can be found at Admissions office on any Pensacola State College campus.
  • Questions regarding any of the above should be directed to Admissions on any campus. Please be sure to keep your address, telephone number and email current on College Records. You can call the Admissions Office on any campus to update your address or telephone number or you may update on SpyGlass. REMEMBER: all official information from the College will come to your Pirate Mail Address. Check it regularly!
  • Health-Related Program Application: You must apply to the specific program you wish to enter. The Health-Related Program Application can be found on-line at https://www.pensacolastate.edu/forms-apps/admissionsForms/HealthRelated_app.pdf, or at an Admissions office on any campus. This form may be used to apply to 3 Health programs. There is no fee for this application. The online application must be faxed or mailed, or turned in at the Admissions Office on any campus.
  • Additional requirements: All students must complete a background check, & drug screen before entry into the program. Once accepted, all students must complete a health examination and document and/or update immunization status. Students must meet the minimum technical standards set for the requested program. Some programs have other additional requirements. Please review Health Programs at a Glance for more information.
  • Seats in most programs are assigned on a “first qualified, first placed” system. The seats for the RN Nursing program are assigned on a points system. Once an applicant has met all admission requirements for a particular program, the student is assigned a dated position on the candidate list. For the RN Nursing program, once an applicant has met all the admission requirements for the program, they are assigned a position on the candidate list based on their total points. Students are selected for admission to a program based upon their placement on the candidate list. Please notify Health Admissions (850-484-2210) if you no longer wish to be considered for a program.

Documents & Forms