Employee Wellness

Register for Employee Wellness classes using our new registration portal powered by Flywire, which is paperless and mobile-friendly!

  1. Access the new eStore by clicking Flywire.
  2. Browse the Employee Wellness products or classes. Select a product and scroll to the bottom to view the class description.
  3. Enter all required fields and click ADD TO CART.
  4. Click the Products hyperlink at the top to view additional offerings and add them to your cart.
  5. Click your cart, followed by VIEW YOUR CART.
  6. Confirm the details are correct and click CHECKOUT.
  7. Click CHECKOUT AS GUEST (employees are not required to set up an account).

Note: All Employee Wellness classes are at no cost to employees. Although the checkout page says billing, employees are only required to enter their work address, office phone number, and work email address. You do not need to fill in the Student ID field, as this is not required but is Flywire delivered.

  1. Click

An order confirmation page will populate, and a receipt will go to your work email.

If you need additional assistance, contact Renee Henry at 850-484-1310 or email rhenry@pensacolastate.edu.

Employee Wellness Registration Training Guide