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Show Length: 25 Minutes.

For Ages: Grades: 4th to Adult.

Scheduling and Reservations: Shows are conducted when a group of 15 or more makes advance reservations. The available showtimes are 10:00, 11:30, and 1:00, Monday through Friday when the college is open. For Reservations call (850) 484-2188 or email Show to be presented is determined when reservation is made.

Join Neil deGrasse Tyson in a journey exploring the life of a single photon. Start from its creation in the belly of a star, travel across the galaxy and space to land in the eye of a young stargazing girl. Explore the structures of the eye and its functions, while taking a ride on the optic nerve. Discover the fascinating processes of the cosmos, from astrophysics to the biology of the eye and brain.