About PSC Public Safety

Pensacola State College Public Safety Department is committed to keeping all members of the campus community safe as they strive to learn on any one of our campuses.

Services include

  • Car Start & Key Assistance (for PSC Students & Employees only and only while on campus)
  • Police escorts, if desired, to ensure safety to and from classes at night
  • DOE – Campus Security Data Analysis Website
  • Safety Tips
  • Campus Safety and Security Policies
  • Drug Free Campus

Helpful Phone Numbers

Emergency/Fire/Police (on campus)  9-911
PSC Public Safety Dept 484-2500
Favor House Domestic Violence Hotline (Escambia) 434-6600
(Santa Rosa) 994-3560
Poison Control (800) 222-1222
AIDS info./Escambia County Health Dept. 595-6337
Mental Health Crisis Line 438-1617
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-TALK (8255)
Rape Crisis 433-RAPE (7273)
Abuse Hotline (children, disabled, and elderly) (800) 962-2873


Baptist Hospital 434-4011
Sacred Heart Hospital 416-7000
West Florida Hospital 494-4000
Gulf Breeze Hospital 934-2000
Santa Rosa Medical Center 626-7762
Jay Hospital 675-8000
Escambia County Health Department 595-6500
Santa Rosa County Health Department 934-4074

Walk-In Clinics

Baptist Medical Park 208-6130
Pensacola Boulevard Urgent Care 416-2000
Escambia Community Clinic 436-4630
West Florida Medical Center Urgent Care 474-8572

How To Get Your PSC Parking Decal

In order to receive your parking decal, you will need to show your vehicle registration and proof that you are a Pensacola State College student or employee (ID card or a paid fee schedule).

All motor vehicles operated on Pensacola State College Campuses must be registered with the Pensacola State College Police Department. This includes all full-time students, part-time students, employees, faculty and staff.


  • Parking decals should be obtained when the student completes the course registration process or when the employee begins working for the college.
  • Decals are not transferable. Employee decals do not expire and only need to be renewed when they become illegible or worn. Student decals have the expiration date printed on them.
  • Decals must be affixed to the lower right hand corner of the rear window OR on the right rear bumper (passenger side).

Please fill out the Vehicle Decal Registration Form and return it to the Office of Public Safety at the campus nearest you.

Voluntary Bicycle Registration

The PSC Department of Public Safety offers a voluntary bicycle registration program for all students and employees. Bring your bicycle to the Public Safety Office on any campus or center and they will record its identifying information. This information will be available to Law Enforcement should your bicycle be stolen.

The best chance at recovering a stolen bicycle is by having a registered serial number. These numbers are used by police across the nation. You will need the manufacturer’s serial number to register your bike.

Serial numbers are typically located under the bottom bracket where the two pedal cranks meet. Simply turn your bike upside-down and record the number you see located between the pedal cranks. If there is no serial number there, then check places like the headset at the front of the bike or the rear stays.

Please fill out and return the Bicycle Registration Form to the Office of Public Safety on the campus nearest you.

Laws You Need To Know

According to the Florida Uniform Traffic Control Laws (FUTC), bicycles are legally treated the same as vehicles [316.003(2)]. Therefore, cyclists have the same rights and duties on the reads as any other drivers, except concerning special regulations specifically for bicycles. [316.2065(1)].

  • If you ride between sunset and sunrise, make sure your bike is equipped with working lamps on front which is visible from at least 500 ft. and a red light on the rear visible from 600 ft. [316.2065(8)].
  • A cyclist must obey all applicable traffic control devices (traffic signals, signs and markings) [316.074].
  • If the roadway is of sufficient width, a vehicle must be driven on the right half of the roadway [316.081].
  • A cyclist may not wear a headset, headphone or listening device other than a hearing aid, while riding. [316.304].
  • It is unlawful to drive any vehicle (bicycle) while under the influence of alcohol or drugs [316.193].

Motor Vehicle Regulations

  1. All students and employees operating motor vehicles on any Pensacola State College campus must register their vehicles at the time of class registration or upon employment. Register in the Pensacola State College Public Safety Department on any Pensacola State College campus.
  2. Registered vehicles will be issued a Pensacola State College parking decal. To obtain a decal, the student must present a current student identification card (or receipt for fees paid) and a current vehicle registration. There is no charge for parking decals. Vehicle registration procedures apply to part-time as well as full-time students and employees.
  3. The decal shall be permanently affixed to the rear window (right side) or rear bumper (right side) so that permit is clearly visible from behind. Motorcycles and similar vehicles shall display the permit on the rear of the vehicle so that it is clearly visible from behind.
  4. If a decal is lost, becomes illegible, or is invalid due to expiration, it is the student’s or employee’s responsibility to immediately register the vehicle.
  5. Decals are non-transferable.
  6. The person who registered a vehicle and was issued a decal for it is, at all times, responsible for that vehicle, regardless of who is driving the vehicle. If the vehicle is sold, the decal should be removed.
  7. Parking decals are subject to revocation by the administration in the event of repeated violations of campus parking and traffic regulations.
  8. Handicapped parking will be by decal issued by the state of Florida only. Contact the Pensacola State College Public Safety Department for additional information

Campus Transit Regulations and Provisions

  1. The parking and traffic regulations apply to motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds, just as they apply to other vehicles.
  2. Motorized vehicles operated by Pensacola State College employees are permitted to operate on campus sidewalks, as are vehicles for disabled persons. Pedestrians will always have the right of way.
  3. Every operator and passenger of a motorcycle or motor scooter shall wear a DOT approved safety helmet while the vehicle is in motion.
  4. College vehicles on emergency business are exempt from the rules in this section.
  5. Skateboarding, skating, rollerblading, and riding scooters are prohibited on any Pensacola State College campus area.
  6. The College assumes no responsibility for any damage to motor vehicles, or for any other loss, while the car is driven or parked on campus.
  7. During special events, certain parking or driving areas may be restricted.
  8. Bicycles are not allowed to be brought inside Pensacola State College buildings at any time

Student Motor Vehicle and Parking Violations

  1. A students may appeal a motor vehicle and parking ticket violation through the Student Leadership and Activities Office on the appropriate campus.
  2. The student must appeal the ticket violation within ten (10) class days after receiving the ticket. Any appeal received after this time will not be considered.
  3. There must be justifiable reasons for the appeal process to be initiated. The Student Government Association Traffic/Parking Appeals Committee will review the appeal.
  4. The SGA Traffic/Parking Appeals Committee will either uphold the issuance of the ticket or recommend that the ticket be rescinded.
  5. The Director of Student Conduct will review the SGA Traffic/Parking Appeals Committee’s recommendation. The decision of the Director for Student Conduct is final.

Silent Witness Reporting

The Silent Witness form is NOT to be used to report an emergency situation.

Sometimes individuals find themselves in a situation where they have knowledge of situations or behaviors that are illegal, threatening, have potential to be dangerous or just make you feel uncomfortable. The Silent Witness report is made available to the Pensacola State College Police Department to make it possible for you to report such situations and remain anonymous.

The technology used by the form on our “Silent Witness” form page ensures your anonymity. After filling out the form your comments are sent via the server to the PSC Police Department. No information regarding the campus workstation, your logon ID, email address is included in the email. In filling out this form, you are guaranteed to remain completely anonymous. If you have any information which could assist the PSC Police, please consider becoming a “Silent Witness”.

Send A Silent Witness Report

Step 1

Silent Witness Form

Crime Type

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Location of Crime

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Time of Incident

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Location of Incident

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Description of Incident

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Suspect Description

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Sexual Offender Information

Federal and State law requires a person designated as a “sexual offender” to register with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). The FDLE is then required to provide this notification to the local law enforcement agency where the registrant resides or where the registrant attends or is employed by a college or university.

Pensacola State College Police Department is responsible for advising members of the campus community on how to obtain information on sexual offenders on our campuses. Campus sexual offender information can be obtained from this website.

For information on current sexual offenders on Pensacola State College Campuses, follow this link to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Sexual Offender database and click “University Search” then choose “Pensacola State College” and choose which campus you are interested in. This will give you and updated list of Sexual Offenders and Predators that are currently enrolled or employed at Pensacola State College.

Phone / Tipline: (850) 484-2500

Sexual offender information in general can be obtained by visiting the FDLE website (www.fdle.state.fl.us) or by calling the FDLE hotline (1 888 357-7332). You can determine the names of sexual offenders living in your neighborhood by placing your zip code in the required area on the FDLE website.

Annual Security Report

Pensacola State College’s Public Safety department produces an Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (ASR) that discloses annual crime and disciplinary statistics as required by the Clery Act.

Pensacola State College Annual Security Report

Public Safety Documents & Forms

Public Safety Daily Crime Log

No Reportable Crimes01/01/18
Burglary-Residential, Marijuana-Possession, Narcotic Equipment-PossessionPSC18OFF00000101/02/1808:4712/29/17-01/02/1808:47DormsInactive-Other
Bomb Threat/Scare, Threat to Bomb, ExtortPSC18OFF00000201/02/1811:0001/02/18-01/03/1806:37-11:00P/B05Closed-Unfounded
No Reportable Crimes01/03/18
No Reportable Crimes01/04/18
No Reportable Crimes01/05/18
No Reportable Crimes01/06/18
No Reportable Crimes01/07/18
Leaving Scene of Crash, Hit and RunPSC18OFF00000301/08/1814:0801/08/1808:00-14:08P/Lot PClosed-Cleared
Driving W/ Suspended/Revoked D/L, Nonmoving Traffic ViolationPSC18OFF00000401/08/1820:5401/08/1820:54PENSClosed-Cleared
Possession-Misdemeanor, Marijuana-Possession, Narcotic Equipment-PossessionPSC18OFF00000501/08/1820:5401/08/1820:54PENSClosed-Cleared
No Reportable Crimes01/09/18
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00000601/10/1807:3701/09/18-01/10/1815:00-07:37W/B3100Inactive-Other
Driving W/ Suspended/Revoked D/L, (Non-Arrest) Traffic Violation, Nonmoving Traffic ViolationPSC18OFF00000701/10/1812:4501/10/1812:45P/Lot PClosed-Cleared
Retail Theft (Shoplifting)PSC18OFF00000801/10/1814:0601/10/1814:06P/B01Closed-Cleared
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00000901/11/1812:2401/11/1809:00-12:24P/B01Inactive-Other
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00001001/11/1812:1701/11/1812:17DTCInactive-Other
Grand TheftPSC18OFF00001101/11/1813:4009/20/17-01/12/1809:17B09Closed-Cleared
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00001201/12/1810:5901/12/1810:59P/B10Closed-Leads Exhausted
No Reportable Crimes01/13/18
No Reportable Crimes01/14/18
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00001401/15/1802:3001/12/18-01/15/1818:00-02:00P/B09Closed-Unfounded
No Reportable Crimes01/16/18
No Reportable Crimes01/17/18
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00001301/18/1808:0601/16/18-01/18/1817:30-08:06W/B3100Inactive-Other
Grand Theft, Burglary, TrespassingPSC18OFF00001501/18/1815:3212/07/17-01/18/1811:16P/B07Closed-Cleared
No Reportable Crimes01/19/18
No Reportable Crimes01/20/18
No Reportable Crimes01/21/18
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00001601/22/1811:3501/22/1811:35W/B3400Inactive-Other
No Reportable Crimes01/23/18
Grand TheftPSC18OFF00001701/24/1808:2601/24/1808:26P/B11Closed-Unfounded
Disorderly ConductPSC18OFF00001801/24/1810:1901/24/1810:19P/B11Closed-Cleared
No Reportable Crimes01/25/18
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00001901/26/1809:4601/26/1809:46P/B21Inactive-Other
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00002001/26/1809:4601/26/1809:46P/B21Inactive-Other
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00002101/26/1809:4601/26/1809:46P/B21Inactive-Other
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00002201/26/1816:0801/26/1816:08P/B02Inactive-Other
No Reportable Crimes01/27/18
No Reportable Crimes01/28/18
Criminal MischiefPSC18OFF00002301/29/1812:4101/29/1812:41P/B08Inactive-Other
No Reportable Crimes01/30/18
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00002502/01/1815:0302/01/1815:03P/B01Closed-Leads Exhausted
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00002602/02/1807:5302/01/18-02/02/1815:00-07:53P/B01Closed-Leads Exhausted
Civil Complaint, Information OnlyPSC18OFF00002702/02/1808:0602/02/1808:06P/B05Closed-Unfounded
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00002802/02/1815:5002/02/1814:30-15:50W/B3400Inactive-Other
No Reportable Crimes02/03/18
No Reportable Crimes02/04/18
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00002902/05/1812:2902/05/1812:29P/B04Inactive-Other
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00003002/05/1812:2902/05/1812:29P/B04Inactive-Other
Grand TheftPSC18OFF00003102/06/1808:0502/06/1808:05P/B11Inactive-Other
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00003202/06/1810:3602/06/1810:36P/B11Closed-Leads Exhausted
Burglary-Motor Vehicle, LarcenyPSC18OFF00003302/06/1813:5002/05/1808:00-09:15P/Lot MClosed-Unfounded
Petit TheftPSC18OFF00003402/07/1815:0202/06/18-02/07/1810:00-14:40W/B3400Inactive-Other
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00003502/07/1815:0502/17/1813:30-15:05W/B3400Inactive-Other
Disturbance, Information OnlyPSC18OFF00003602/08/1810:3302/08/1810:33P/B18Closed-Cleared
No Reportable Crimes02/09/18
No Reportable Crimes02/10/18
No Reportable Crimes02/11/18
Grand TheftPSC18OFF00003702/12/1815:5507/01/17-01/08/18UNKP/B12Closed-Unfounded
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00003802/13/1809:0602/13/1809:06P/B10Closed-Leads Exhausted
Disturbance, Disturbing PeacePSC18OFF00003902/13/1813:2102/13/1813:00-13:21P/B05Closed-Cleared
Possession-Misdemeanor, Marijuana-PossessionPSC18OFF00004002/13/1817:3302/13/1817:33P/ Lot VClosed-Cleared
Harassing Phone Calls, InformationPSC18OFF00004102/14/1818:1302/14/1818:13P/B12Inactive-Other
Suspicious Circumstance, BurglaryPSC18OFF00004202/15/1808:0902/15/1808:09P/B05Inactive-Other
No Reportable Crimes02/16/18
No Reportable Crimes02/17/18
No Reportable Crimes02/18/18
Issue Trespass WarningPSC18OFF00004302/19/1809:2102/19/1809:21W/B3400Closed-Cleared
Domestic Violence, Battery, LarcenyPSC18OFF00004402/19/1810:2202/12/18-02/19/1808:00-10:22P/B11Warrant Process
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00004502/19/1815:3202/19/1815:27P/B21Inactive-Other
Weapons Violation, Information OnlyPSC18OFF00004602/20/1809:3402/20/1809:00-09:34P/B10Inactive-Other
Criminal MischiefPSC18OFF00004702/20/1811:1320/20/1811:13P/B21Closed-Leads Exhausted
Aggravated StalkingPSC18OFF00004802/21/1812:0302/21/1812:03P/B05Closed-Cleared
No Reportable Crimes02/22/18
No Reportable Crimes02/23/18
No Reportable Crimes02/24/18
No Reportable Crimes02/25/18
No Reportable Crimes02/26/18
Arrest Warrant Service, Drugs-Possession, Out of State Fugitive PSC18OFF00004902/27/1810:0802/27/1810:08P/B11Closed-Cleared
Citizen Complaint, Information OnlyPSC18OFF00005002/27/1814:2102/26/18-02/27/1808:00-14:21P/B24Inactive-Below Threshold
No Reportable Crimes02/28/18
Possession-Misdemeanor, Marijuanna PossessionPSC18OFF00005103/01/1821:0603/01/1821:06P/ Lot NClosed-Cleared
Child AbusePSC18OFF00005203/06/1809:3903/05/1808:00-13:10P/B24Closed-Unfounded
No Reportable Crimes03/02/18
No Reportable Crimes03/03/18
No Reportable Crimes03/04/18
No Reportable Crimes03/05/18
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00005303/06/1814:0403/06/1814:04P/B01Closed-Leads Exhausted
Issue Trespass WarningPSC18OFF00005403/07/1808:2803/07/1808:28P/B05Closed-Cleared
No Reportable Crimes03/08/18
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00005503/09/1808:5403/08/18-03/09/1811:00-07:00M/B4200Inactive-Other
Criminal MischiefPSC18OFF00005603/09/1810:4103/09/1810:41P/B04Closed-Leads Exhausted
No Reportable Crimes03/10/18
No Reportable Crimes03/11/18
No Reportable Crimes03/12/18
Grand TheftPSC18OFF00005803/13/1818:1703/08/1809:30-10:30P/B21Closed-Cleared
No Reportable Crimes03/14/18
No Reportable Crimes03/15/18
No Reportable Crimes03/16/18
No Reportable Crimes03/17/18
No Reportable Crimes03/18/18
Mental Complaint, Information OnlyPSC18OFF00006003/19/1820:3803/19/1809:00P/B12Inactive-Other
No Reportable Crimes03/20/18
Burglary-Commercial, LarcenyPSC18OFF00006203/22/1813:0703/21/18-03/22/1813:30-09:00M/B4800Closed-Unfounded
Grand Theft, Information OnlyPSC18OFF00006303/23/1815:0503/22/1814:30-16:10P/B05Inactive-Other
No Reportable Crimes03/24/18
No Reportable Crimes03/25/18
No Reportable Crimes03/26/18
No Reportable Crimes03/27/18
No Reportable Crimes03/28/18
No Reportable Crimes03/29/18
No Reportable Crimes03/30/18
No Reportable Crimes03/31/18
No Reportable Crimes04/01/18
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00006404/02/1810:4103/23/18-04/02/1813:00-10:41P/B01Closed-Leads Exhausted
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property, Burglary, LarcenyPSC18OFF00006504/03/1809:4503/30/18-04/03/1812:00-09:45P/B14Closed-Leads Exhausted
Issue Trespass WarningPSC18OFF00006604/03/1811:0204/03/1811:02P/ Lot JClosed-Cleared
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00006704/03/1810:5604/03/1810:56P/B01Closed-Leads Exhausted
No Reportable Crimes04/04/18
No Reportable Crimes04/05/18
BatteryPSC18OFF00006804/06/1812:2404/02/18-04/06/1808:00-12:24P/Lot QClosed-Cleared
BatteryPSC18OFF00006904/06/1813:1509/01/17-04/06/1808:00-13:15P/B05Warrant Process
No Reportable Crimes04/07/18
No Reportable Crimes04/08/18
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00007004/09/1814:0104/09/1814:01P/B50Closed-Leads Exhausted
No Reportable Crimes04/10/18
No Reportable Crimes04/11/18
No Reportable Crimes04/12/18
No Reportable Crimes04/14/18
No Reportable Crimes04/15/18
Aggravated Stalking, Harassing CommunicationsPSC18OFF00007204/16/1811:2204/16/1811:22P/B05Closed-Cleared
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00007304/16/1814:5404/13/18-04/16/1814:30-14:54P/B01Closed-Leads Exhausted
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00007404/17/1810:3304/17/1810:33P/B04Closed-Leads Exhausted
Possession-Misdemeanor, Marijuana-Possession, Narcotic Equipment-PossessionPSC18OFF00007504/17/1823:0404/17/1823:04P/Lot AClosed-Cleared
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00007604/18/1808:4904/16/1808:00-12:30P/B04Closed-Leads Exhausted
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00007704/19/1813:5504/19/1813:55P/B04Closed-Leads Exhausted
Leaving Scene of Crash, Hit and Run PSC18OFF00011204/19/1816:5204/19/1816:52P/Lot MClosed-Cleared
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00007804/20/1812:4404/20/1812:44P/B10Closed-Leads Exhausted
Burglary-Motor Vehicle, Property DamagePSC18OFF00007904/21/1811:2804/21/1807:00-10:30W/B3300Closed-Leads Exhausted
No Reportable Crimes04/22/18
Leaving Scene of Crash, Hit and Run PSC18OFF00008004/23/1812:4804/23/1812:48P/Lot LInactive-Other
Suspicious Circumstance, Information OnlyPSC18OFF00008104/23/1820:0904/23/1820:09W/B3400Closed-Unfounded
Criminal MischiefPSC18OFF00008204/24/1815:5904/24/1815:59W/B3600Closed-Unfounded
Petit TheftPSC18OFF00008304/25/1807:3204/20/18-04/23/1807:32W/B3400Closed-Leads Exhausted
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00008404/25/1808:0304/24/18-04/25/1815:00-08:03P/B10Closed-Leads Exhausted
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00008504/25/1820:3604/25/1820:36W/B3400Closed-Leads Exhausted
Burglary-Motor VehiclePSC18OFF00008604/26/1813:4404/26/1811:00-13:15P/Lot QClosed-Leads Exhausted
No Reportable Crimes04/27/18
No Reportable Crimes04/28/18
No Reportable Crimes04/29/18
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00008804/30/1808:3004/27/18-04/30/1815:00-08:30P/B17Closed-Leads Exhausted
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00008905/01/1810:1204/30/1808:00PENSClosed-Leads Exhausted
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00009305/03/1808:5805/03/1815:00-08:58P/B01Closed-Leads Exhausted
Fleeing & Attempting to EludePSC18OFF00009405/03/1805/03/18Warrant Process
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00009505/03/1814:1105/03/1814:00-14:11P/B10Closed-Leads Exhausted
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00009605/04/1810:3405/04/1810:34P/B01Closed-Leads Exhausted
No Reportable Crimes05/05/18
No Reportable Crimes05/06/18
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00009705/07/1808:4805/07/1806:30-08:48M/B4800Closed-Leads Exhausted
Possession-Misdemeanor, Marijuana-PossessionPSC18OFF00009805/08/1809:0105/08/1809:01Pace CenterClosed-Cleared
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00009905/09/1814:3005/08/09-05/09/1815:00-14:30P/B01Closed-Leads Exhausted
Grand TheftPSC18OFF00010005/10/1815:0505/10/1814:45P/B01Closed-Leads Exhausted
Burglary-Commercial, LarcenyPSC18OFF00010105/11/1810:1905/10/18-05/11/1812:00-10:19CenturyInactive-Other
No Reportable Crimes05/12/18
No Reportable Crimes05/13/18
No Reportable Crimes05/14/18
Assault, Information OnlyPSC18OFF00010205/15/1821:1705/15/1821:17SSRInactive-Below Threshold
No Reportable Crimes05/16/18
Petit TheftPSC18OFF00010405/17/1810:5505/17/1810:30-10:45W/B3700Inactive-Other
No Reportable Crimes05/18/18
No Reportable Crimes05/19/18
No Reportable Crimes05/20/18
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00010505/21/1808:3005/21/1808:30P/B11Closed-Leads Exhausted
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00010605/21/1808:4705/21/18-05/22/1808:30-08:47P/B01Closed-Leads Exhausted
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00010705/22/1809:2805/22/1809:28P/B11Active
No Reportable Crimes05/23/18
Seat Belt Violation, Marijuana PossessionPSC18OFF00011005/24/1815:0005/24/1815:00-16:00PENSClosed-Cleared
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00010805/25/1807:3305/24/18-05/25/1823:00-06:25W/B3100Closed-Leads Exhausted
Burglary-Motor VehiclePSC18OFF00010905/25/1810:5905/23/1819:00-24:00P/Lot UClosed-Unfounded
No Reportable Crimes05/26/18
No Reportable Crimes05/27/18
No Reportable Crimes05/28/18
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00011105/29/1816:0305/29/1816:03P/B02Closed-Leads Exhausted
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00011305/30/1807:5605/29/18-05/30/1814:00-07:56P/B01Closed-Leads Exhausted
No Reportable Crimes05/31/18
Suspicious Person, Information OnlyPSC18OFF00011406/01/1812:5306/01/1812:53P/B02Inactive-Other
No Reportable Crimes06/02/18
No Reportable Crimes06/03/18
No Reportable Crimes06/04/18
Possession-Felony, Possession Stolen Property, Larceny, Cocaine Possession, Drugs Possession, Marijuana Possession, Narcotic Equipment Possession, Drugs PossessionPSC18OFF00011506/05/1808:1406/05/1808:14-12:00Metzger DriveClosed-Cleared
Suspicious CircumstancePSC18OFF00011606/07/1820:0806/07/1820:08P/B01Inactive-Other
No Reportable Crimes06/08/18
No Reportable Crimes06/09/18
No Reportable Crimes06/10/18
No Reportable Crimes06/11/18
No Reportable Crimes06/12/18
Disturbance, BatteryPSC18OFF00011706/13/1813:0206/13/1810:30-13:02P/B18Inactive-Other
Petit Theft, LarcenyPSC18OFF00011806/14/1812:5106/06/18-06/12/1812:00P/B21Active
No Reportable Crimes06/15/18
No Reportable Crimes06/16/18
No Reportable Crimes06/17/18
No Reportable Crimes06/18/18
No Reportable Crimes06/19/18
Criminal Mischief, Damage Property PSC18OFF00012006/20/1812:2406/06/188:23P/B09Active
Grand Theft, LarcenyPSC18OFF00012106/21/1814:4706/21/1814:47P/B01Closed-Unfounded
No Reportable Crimes06/22/18
No Reportable Crimes06/23/18
No Reportable Crimes06/24/18
No Reportable Crimes06/25/18
No Reportable Crimes06/26/18
Disturbance, Trespassing PSC18OFF00012206/27/1807:4306/27/1807:43P/ Lot JClosed-Cleared
InformationPSC18OFF00012306/27/1815:0006/27/1815:00P/ B11Active
No Reportable Crimes06/29/18
No Reportable Crimes06/30/18
No Reportable Crimes07/01/18
InformationPSC18OFF00012407/02/1813:4006/28/1820:00P/B05Inactive-Below Threshold
Issue Trespass WarningPSC18OFF00012507/03/1806:5507/03/1806:55P/ B16Inactive-Below Threshold
Petit Theft, LarcenyPSC18OFF00012607/03/1813:4107/03/1808:01P/ B15Closed-Unfounded
No Reportable Crimes07/04/18
No Reportable Crimes07/05/18
No Reportable Crimes07/06/18
No Reportable Crimes07/07/18
No Reportable Crimes07/08/18
No Reportable Crimes07/09/18
No Reportable Crimes07/10/18
Suspicious CircumstancePSC18OFF00012707/12/1813:3807/11/1811:41P/ B98Inactive-Other
No Reportable Crimes07/13/18
No Reportable Crimes07/14/18
No Reportable Crimes07/15/18
No Reportable Crimes07/16/18
InformationPSC18OFF00012807/17/1811:4905/01/1811:49P/ B05Inactive-Other
Criminal MischiefPSC18OFF00012907/18/1814:3907/18/1814:39P/ B04Active
DisturbancePSC18OFF00013007/19/1809:3807/19/1809:38P/ B11Inactive-Other
InformationPSC18OFF00013107/19/1815:2507/19/1815:25P/ B11Active
No Reportable Crimes07/20/18
No Reportable Crimes07/21/18
No Reportable Crimes07/22/18
Criminal MischiefPSC18OFF00013207/23/1807:3007/23/1807:30P/ B01Closed- Leads exhausted
Criminal MischiefPSC18OFF00013307/24/1810:0007/24/1810:00P/ B01Closed- Leads exhausted
InformationPSC18OFF00013407/25/1812:4407/25/1812:44P/ LOT UInactive- Other
Other Non-CriminalPSC18OFF00013507/25/1816:0907/25/1816:09P/ B05Active
Prostitution/Commercial SexPSC18OFF00013607/26/1812:5107/26/1812:30P/B01Closed - Unfounded
No Reportable Crimes07/27/18
No Reportable Crimes07/28/18
No Reportable Crimes07/29/18
No Reportable Crimes07/30/18
No Reportable Crimes07/31/18
Criminal MischiefPSC18OFF00013708/01/1812:4008/01/1812:40P/B01Closed - Leads Exhausted
InformationPSC18OFF00013808/02/1810:4608/02/1810:46P/B04Closed - Cleared
No Reportable Crimes08/03/18
No Reportable Crimes08/04/18
No Reportable Crimes08/05/18
No Reportable Crimes08/06/18
No Reportable Crimes08/07/18
No Reportable Crimes08/08/18
No Reportable Crimes08/09/18
No Reportable Crimes08/10/18
No Reportable Crimes08/11/18
No Reportable Crimes08/12/18
No Reportable Crimes08/13/18
No Reportable Crimes08/14/18
No Reportable Crimes08/15/18
No Reportable Crimes08/16/18
No Reportable Crimes08/17/18
No Reportable Crimes08/18/18
No Reportable Crimes08/19/18
Petit TheftPSC18OFF00013908/20/1815:2408/20/1815:24P/B05Closed - Unfounded
No Reportable Crimes08/21/18
Burglary - ResidentialPSC18OFF00014008/22/1819:5808/22/1819:58Metzger DriveActive
DisturbancePSC18OFF00014108/22/1820:5308/22/1820:53P/B12Closed - Cleared
Baker ActPSC18OFF00014208/23/1810:3508/23/1810:35P/Lot TClosed - Cleared
Issue Trespass WarningPSC18OFF00014308/23/1815:3508/23/1815:35P/ B05Closed- Cleared
InformationPSC18OFF00014408/23/1816:2408/23/1816:24Century CenterInactive- Other
InformationPSC18OFF00014508/24/1810:3708/23/1810:20M/Lot AClosed - Unfounded
StalkingPSC18OFF00014608/24/1816:1308/24/1816:13P/B05Inactive - Below Threshold
No Reportable Crimes08/25/18
No Reportable Crimes08/26/18
No Reportable Crimes08/27/18
No Reportable Crimes08/28/18
Criminal MischiefPSC18OFF00014708/29/1813:4608/29/1813:46P/B14Closed - Leads Exhausted
No Reportable Crimes08/30/18
Lost PropertyPSC18OFF00014808/31/1815:3908/31/1815:39P/B05Inactive- Other
Vehicle Crash-Property DamagePSC18OFF00014908/31/1817:2208/31/1817:22P/Lot AActive
No Reportable Crimes09/01/18
No Reportable Crimes09/02/18
No Reportable Crimes09/03/18
No Reportable Crimes09/04/18
No Reportable Crimes09/05/18
No Reportable Crimes09/06/18
No Reportable Crimes09/07/18
Updated: 07/10/18 10:12 PM

Police Officer Assistance

All Campuses: (850) 484.2500
(Central Dispatch)

 Pensacola Campus

Building 5
(850) 484-2500

 Milton Campus

Building 4000
(850) 484-4481

Warrington Campus

Building 3300
(850) 484-2283