I attended Pensacola State College quite awhile ago. Do I need to submit an admissions form again?

You will need to submit a new application if it’s been more than a year since you have taken classes at Pensacola State College.  Please submit an online application.

Will I have to pay out-of-state tuition if I live in Alabama and want to attend school at Pensacola State College?

We offer reduced tuition rates for Alabama residents. For fee information please visit our Cost per Credit Hour page.

Do I need to pay the application fee before registering for classes?

Yes, you need to pay the application fee before registering for classes.  You can pay your application fee by logging into Spyglass from  We also need your ACT, SAT or PERT scores on file before you can register for classes.

What are the average GPA and SAT scores for freshmen?

Pensacola State College is an open enrollment college, which means we accept students regardless of their GPA or test scores.  If students score a minimum of 440 in Reading, English and Math, then they will be eligible to begin college level courses with no other testing requirements. If you do not have ACT or SAT scores or your scores do not test you into college level courses, you will be required to take the Florida College Entry-Level Placement Test (PERT) at any of our Pensacola State College campus locations.

Do you need my ACT, SAT or PERT scores on file before I can register for classes?

Yes, we need your scores on file before registration can take place. Also we need your application fee paid before you will be allowed to register.

When will the next SAT exams be offered?

Information regarding SAT testing can be found at the following website:

When is the Florida College Entry-Level Placement Test given and what do I need to do to take it?

Please contact the testing appointment line at 850-484-1987. For more information about the Testing Department and study resources, please check out this link Testing Center

I would like to know if any credits I received for courses taken approximately 10 years ago are still valid to be applied towards a degree should I choose to return to school?

Yes, your college credits from previous years are still valid.

I have college credits from another college/university. Can I use them at Pensacola State College for credit?

You will need to submit your application, pay the application fee and request your transcripts from each college you’ve attended in the past. We will evaluate your transcripts and determine if they will transfer to Pensacola State College.

As soon as we receive the information listed above, we will evaluate your transcripts and notify you of what might be used at Pensacola State College for credit.

What math or science courses are required for a general degree?

Please view our programs and degrees.

How many courses must I take to still be considered a part-time student?

Part-time status is 6 credit hours.

Can I get a catalog and an application mailed to me?

The college catalog is available online.

We highly recommend that you meet with an advisor to review your course schedule whenever you are ready to choose your courses. Advising is available at each of our campus locations and also with your Department Head or Faculty Advisor. Below is a list of contact numbers:

Pensacola Campus, Advising Center- 850 484 1630
Milton Campus, Student Services- 850 484 4410
Warrington Campus, Student Services- 850 484 2270
South Santa Rosa Center, Student Services- 850 471 4630

Century Center, Student Services- 850 471 4622

Campus Tours

How do I schedule a campus tour?

Changing Majors

How do I change my major?

You can change your major by meeting with an advisor at the Pensacola, Milton or Warrington campus.

Can I change my major online?

No, to change your major you will need to meet with an advisor to have the Program Change Form signed


How many hours will you allow a student to CLEP for an Associate Degree?

The maximum number of non-traditional credits that may be counted toward graduation depends
upon the particular program of study.

  • No more than 15 credit hours earned through CLEP may be counted toward the general education
    requirements of the associate in arts degree.
  • No more than nine credit hours earned through CLEP may be counted toward the general
    education requirements of the associate in science or associate in applied science degree.
  • No more than 75% of a program may be completed with transfer coursework or non-traditional
    credits; a student must complete at least 25% of program requirements with Pensacola State
    College courses.

College Credits

How do I find out the total amount of college credits I have?

Collegiate High School

Does Collegiate High School have a graduation ceremony?

Yes, our Collegiate High School graduates participate in our Pensacola State College graduation ceremony. You get the opportunity to walk across a stage to receive your diploma and wear a cap and gown.

Learn more about Collegiate High School

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

I would like more information about a class to help me speak English.

  • The Adult Basic Education Department offers classes to help students who have a primary language other than English and are U.S. citizens or Legal Permanent Residents (LPR) acquire or improve reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in English.
  • Please call 484-2120 for additional information.

Fees & Fines

I owe a fine. What is the best way to handle this?

All fines may be paid in the Cashier Office or by mailing payment to the following address:

Pensacola State College
Cashier Office
1000 College Blvd.
Penascola, FL 32504

Cashier’s Locations and Contact Information

Pensacola Campus
Milton Campus
Warrington Campus
Bldg. 2
Bldg. 4200
Bldg. 3600

Financial Aid

How do I find out about obtaining a Pell Grant?

How do I get a grant to go to college?

  • You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at
  • The FAFSA is required in order for the FA/VA office to establish eligibility for federal and state grants.
  • FAFSA Worksheets are available at the FA/VA office on any campus or center.
  • The FAFSA process may take four weeks or longer.
  • Check Pensacola State College’s website for more information.

Is my financial aid renewed each academic year?

No. You must reapply each academic year. Applications are available January 1st of each year for the upcoming academic year.

What is an EFC?

This is the Effective Family Contribution. It is the amount you and your family are expected to contribute toward your educational expenses. The EFC is calculated from all the information you entered on the FAFSA.

Who has access to the information on my financial aid application?

Only the financial aid office staff at Pensacola State College has access to this confidential information.

Will I have to pay back any financial aid money if I withdraw or quit going to classes?

If you receive federal financial aid and do not attend classes beyond the first 60% of the semester you may be required to repay all or part of the aid you received by check or used to charge fees/books. See Repayment of Financial Aid.

Do I complete a separate application for all types of aid?

The FAFSA enables Pensacola State College to consider you for PELL, SEOG, and FSAG which is awarded by the Financial Aid Office. Student loans require an additional form that is available only to students with a completed financial aid file.

What is Pensacola State College's Title IV Code?


What is my DRN number?

Your Data Release Number is the number assigned to your FAFSA results. It is located on the top right corner of your paper SAR or the bottom left corner of the front page cover sheet. This number is used by you to make changes to your SAR. Do not give this number to anyone unless you have agreed to give that person access to your FAFSA information.

Why did my financial aid award change from last year?

The formula for determining your EFC may change each year. Any changes in the information you furnish on your FAFSA may also change from year to year.

Must I enroll full-time to receive financial aid?

Your EFC determines at what enrollment level you are eligible for aid.  The FDLP (loan), Federal Work-Study, and the Florida Work Experience programs require you to be enrolled at least half-time (6 credit hours) each semester to be eligible. You must enroll only in courses that help you make progress toward your chosen program or degree.

How is my Social Security Number used?

The Financial Aid office will use the student’s social security number to secure funds awarded, and report funds received by the student from the state and federal government. In addition, if a student is awarded, and chooses to accept, a student loan, the social security number will be used to obtain the loan funds from the lender the student specifies.

The United States Department of Education (USDOE) Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) requires all applicants to report their social security number to be used for all federal financial aid programs as a student identifier for processing and reporting. In addition to its use by USDOE as a student identifier, the social security number is required in order for the Department of Homeland Security to investigate citizenship status, affirm registration with selective service if required, for the Federal Work Study program, and is required on all loan applications for use by the lender/servicer/guarantor.

Collection uses are required by Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (§§483 and 484); 20 USC 1078, 1090, 1091 & 1092; 34 CFR 668.16 for administrative usages; 34 CFR 668.33 for residency verification usages; 34 CFR 668.36 for FAFSA verification usages; 34 CFR 668.32(i) and 34 CFR 668.36 for Federal Work Study usages; Authorized by 26 CFR 1.6050 for issuance of Form 1098E, a tax form used to report student loan interest.

Required and authorized by Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (§§483 and 484); 20 USC 1078, 1090, 1091 & 1092; 34 CFR 668.16; 34 CFR 668.33; 34 CFR 668.36; 34 CFR 668.32(i) and 34 CFR 668.36

Florida Residency

What do I need to show Pensacola State College for proof of residency in the state of Florida?

  • The state requires that you have two forms of documentation that legally tie you to the state of Florida for 12 months prior to the first day of classes.
  • Most people use their Florida Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration or Voter’s Registration.
  • If you are a registered voter, but do not have your voter’s registration card, please contact the Supervisor of Elections for your county to get your number and original issue date or go to to retrieve your number and original issue date.
  • Please review the information on the following URL to view a listing of documents eligible to prove Florida Residency and to determine if you have the legal ties necessary to receive in-state tuition:FLVC Residency Guidelines.
  • If you require additional information regarding residency requirements, please contact our admissions office at (850) 484-2544.


How do I find my current GPA?

  • You can view your transcripts that include GPA information by accessing your Spyglass account.
  • Please go to and click on Spyglass.


How do I check my grades?

You can access your grades on line by visiting and clicking on the Spyglass icon. You’ll need to enter your social security number (Social Security Number Collection and Use (PDF)) or student id number and your four digit pin number.  Select the option schedule/grades to view your grades for each term.

  • Your default four-digit PIN is your birth month (two digits) and the last two digits of your birth year (April 8, 1986 = 0486).
  • If you have forgotten your PIN, click on the Forgotten your Pin# icon and respond to the identity verification question that you have established.
  • If you have not established an identity verification question, you must visit our admissions office or meet with an advisor to present your photo ID before being issued a new PIN.


Other important information regarding graduation applications and the graduation ceremony can be found on the Graduation Information page.

What do I need to do in order to graduate?

You will need to submit a graduation application. Login to Spyglass and click “Apply to Graduate.” If you need help logging in to Spyglass, contact our Admissions Office at 850-484-2544.

I am not participating in the graduation ceremony. Do I still need to apply for graduation?

Yes. Even if you do not participate in the graduation ceremony, a graduation application is required to receive your diploma.

Is there a deadline for submitting my graduation application?

Every term has a graduation application deadline. The deadline date can be found here.
Spring and summer terms will have the same deadline.

Does Collegiate High School have a graduation ceremony?

Of course! Our Collegiate High School graduates are welcome to participate in our Pensacola State College graduation ceremony. You will get the opportunity to wear a cap and gown and walk across the stage to receive your diploma.
For more information regarding this program, please visit the Collegiate High School page.


How do I find job postings for positions available at Pensacola State College and where can I apply?

Does Pensacola State College have a list of jobs available for students?

Student Job Services assists Pensacola State College students and alumni with their employment needs through Pensacola State College Works On-line. (View/Post current job openings/Upload resume.)

I am an employer and would like to post a job for Pensacola State College students. How do I do that?

Employers can use Pensacola State College Works On-line. to post jobs and search for qualified applicants.

Online & Night Classes

Does Pensacola State College offer night classes?

  • Pensacola State College has many course offerings in the evenings.
  • Please view a list of courses currently available.
  • View the Course Schedule.

I want to take an online course. Do I need to enroll at Pensacola State College just like I would for regular classes?

Yes, to take our online courses, you will need to enroll at Pensacola State College.

How do I find courses offered online or through distance learning?

Pirate Mail

How do I check my Pensacola State College email?

Please find out more information regarding your Pensacola State College email account or call the HelpDesk at (850) 471-4534.


What is Spyglass and how do I access it?

Spyglass provides online access to important student services such as registering for classes, printing class schedules, checking grades, paying fees, and viewing transcripts.

Spyglass Tutorial

Log in to Spyglass


How can a student on suspension be readmitted?

  • A student may request approval to re-enroll after suspension by filing a formal appeal to the Student Academic Appeals Committee.
  •  Appeal procedures may be obtained in the District Office of Admissions and Registration.
  • If approved, the student will be permitted to enroll in a status of Suspension Waiver and is expected to complete all classes attempted with grades of “C” or better.
  • In some instances, the Committee will establish additional enrollment conditions.


Are transcripts free?

Yes. There is no charge for transcripts. You may request transcripts to be sent to another college or university by clicking the Transcripts menu button in Spyglass.

How do I request a transcript from Pensacola State College to be sent to another school?

Do I need to send Pensacola State College all my transcripts from other schools if I only plan to attend for the summer?

You will need to submit your transcripts to Pensacola State College along with an application and the application fee.

Do I need to send my high school transcripts to Pensacola State College?

Yes, you will need to request high school and college transcripts to be sent to Pensacola State College.

Transferring to Pensacola State College

I am thinking of transferring to Pensacola State College from another college and want to know if my credits are transferable, even from another state.

  • We are glad you are considering Pensacola State College.
  • Once we receive your application, application fee and transcripts, we will evaluate your transcripts to determine which of your credits will transfer to Pensacola State College.
  • As soon as we receive the information listed above, we will evaluate your transcripts and notify you of what has transferred to Pensacola State College.

Office Locations and Telephones

Campus Department Building Telephone
Pensacola Admissions & Information Bldg 2 850.484.2544
Milton Student Services Bldg 4200 850.484.4410
Warrington Student Services Bldg 3600 850.484.2270
South Santa Rosa Center Student Services Main Building 850.471.4630
Century Center Student Services Main Building 850.471.4622
Email Admissions & Information: