Student Ambassadors

Pensacola State College Student Ambassadors are an elite group of students that serve as the official representatives of the college and receive a full scholarship for tuition and books. The mission of the student ambassador program is to promote Pensacola State College to prospective and current students and their families, guests, business partners, friends, donors and alumni of PSC. 

As an ambassador, you will serve as the official host and hostesses of PSC throughout the year, representing the college at campus visits and tours, commencements, alumni and foundation activities, and general recruiting events. Because of your interaction with alumni, friends and other very important external audiences, you will become the “face” of the college, which holds a prestigious, yet high responsibility. 

The Pensacola State College Student Ambassador program is a great opportunity for you to develop leadership and communication skills, while conveying PSC’s mission of “maximizing educational opportunities that develop the academic, career, personal, and aesthetic capabilities of individuals for the benefit of themselves and the global community.” 

Student Ambassadors are chosen through a selection process that includes an application and an interview. Applications will be accepted through March and April of each year from all current PSC students, as well as first-time students who intend to enroll in classes at PSC during the Fall and Spring semester, who meet membership criteria. Deadline to apply for 2015-2016 is February 27th. Interviews are granted to qualified applicants who are selected through a competitive prescreening review by the Student Ambassador Advisory Board.

For more information or to reserve Student Ambassadors for an event, please contact Samantha Hill, at, or call 850-471-4680.