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Pensacola State College Quality Enhancement Plan

Pirate PATH to Success

Selection of the Topic: The College identified issues, solicited input, and reviewed student success data and information on national best practices. QEP Steering Committee and sub-committees assisted throughout the process, which began in spring 2016.

Four Major Student Treatments: The Pirate PATH to success includes the following key components for first-time-in-college students.

  • Preparing Students for Success Through Orientation
    • Required orientation; and
      Career assessment as a part of orientation.
  • Advising Students for Success
    • An assigned advisor;
      A review of the career assessment with the assigned advisor;
      Required advising through successful completion of 5O% of the required credit or clock hours in the program of study; and
      Defined points of contact during the semester and program for advisors to reach out to assigned students.
  • Tracking Degree Plans to Guide Students to Success
    • Degree MAPs (Minimum Academic Pathways) based upon the national
      guided pathways model to keep students on track to completion;
      Degree MAPs include MAP2 for two-year completion, MAP 3 for three-year
      completion, and MAP4 for four-year completion; and
      Degree MAPs specify enrollment in mathematics and English classes early in the program and identify courses essential to student progression.
  • Helping Students Through Academic Student Support Services to Ensure Success
    • Referrals to appropriate academic and student support resources.

Pensacola State College Quality Enhancement Plan Details