The TRIO Educational Opportunity Center (EOC), hosted by Pensacola State College, is a program that assists low and modest-income and/or individuals who will be first generation college students either enroll in a post-secondary institution for the first time or return to high school or post-secondary education. The program is open to adults 18 years of age and older who live in Escambia or Santa Rosa counties.

The TRIO EOC is a grant program that is 100% funded by the U.S. Department of Education. All services provided are free.

EOC Services

The EOC provides information and services related to any post-secondary school, including colleges, universities, and schools offering vocational and technical programs. Assistance for those who want to return to high school or earn their GED is also offered.  Services are free and confidential.

  • Admissions
    • Information on educational institutions within the region, state, and United States
    • Assistance with completion of college or vocational/technical admissions forms
    • Discussion about choosing a program of study
    • Assistance with transferring to an upper-level college or university
  • Financial Aid
    • Explanation of the financial aid process
    • Assistance with completing and filing financial aid forms, including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which determines Pell Grant funds
    • Information about how to apply for college work-study
    • Information on searching and applying for local, state, and private scholarships and grants
    • Referrals for information on reconciling defaulted student loans
  • Educational and Career Exploration
    • Assessments to discover your career interests – Learn more
    • Discussion of careers that match your interests and aptitude
    • Information on colleges and vocational/technical programs related to your interests
    • Information on selected careers, including job descriptions, employment trends, and wage forecasts
  • Referrals to Support Services
  • Money Smart Workshops


Students served by EOC include:

  • Residents of Escambia or Santa Rosa counties who are at least 18 years old
  • Individuals with low-to-modest taxable income, according to federal guidelines*
  • Individuals with parents or legal guardians who did not graduate with a four-year degree before the applicant reached 18 years of age (first generation students)
  • Individuals who plan to return to high school or a GED program
  • Individuals who plan to enroll in a two-year or four-year college or a vocational/technical school
  • Veterans, the homeless, and those covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act


*Lower income and first generation college students are the target population, but the EOC can usually help those who do not fall into these groups.

How To Apply For EOC

If you are interested in applying for TRIO Educational Opportunity Center services, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to our electronic application at https://botform.compansol.com/231624562393053 or use or the following QR Code
  2. Or Call one of our three Pensacola State College EOC offices. Phone numbers and addresses are located under Contact Us.
  3. Be sure to gather income documentation for your first appointment. Income information is required to determine eligibility for services.

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Pensacola State College-EOC-2023 Application Form

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All individuals must bring each of these items:

  • Current driver’s license
  • Social Security card
  • Prior year’s federal income tax return
  • Documentation of additional income, including food stamps, child support, alimony, and any income not included on your federal tax return
  • Prior year’s Social Security benefits statement (if you receive Social Security)
  • Prior year’s disability benefits statements (if you receive disability)
  • Prior year’s military Leave and Earning Statement (LES) (if you are military or retired military)

Individuals under 24 years of age must also bring these items:

  • Parents’ or guardians’ prior year’s federal income tax return
  • Prior year’s documentation of any additional income received by parents/guardians, including food stamps, child support, alimony, and any income not included on their federal tax return
  • Parents’ or guardians’ prior year’s Social Security benefits statement
  • Parents’ or guardians’ prior year’s disability benefits statement
  • Parents’ or guardians’ prior year’s military LES

The intake process is quick and simple and all services are free.  For additional information, call the District Office located on the main campus of Pensacola State College at (850) 484-1961.

Contact Us

Email: eoc@pensacolastate.edu.

Phone: (850) 484-1961

District Office – PSC Pensacola Campus
1000 College Boulevard
Building 6, Room 610

(850) 484-1961

PSC Milton Campus

5988 Highway 90
Building 4200, Room 4214

(850) 484-4455

PSC Warrington Campus

5555 West Highway 98
Building 3600, Room 3640

(850) 484-2357

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Pensacola Staff

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Tanya Porter



Wanda Wood

Student Services Specialist


Tina Clapper

Administrative Assistant/Data Manager


Milton Staff

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Robin Giacin

Student Services Specialist


Warrington Staff

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Obi Kalu

Student Services Specialist


Outreach Locations

  • PSC Century Center
  • PSC South Santa Rosa Center

If you are interested in speaking with the Educational Opportunity Center at one of the outreach locations, call (850) 484-1961 or contact us via email at eoc@pensacolastate.edu.

Helpful Links

Bigfuture by the College Board – college major and career search

Careeronestop – career exploration, training & jobs (U.S. Department of Labor site)

Fastweb – scholarship and college searches

FinAid – guide to financial aid

News & Reviews

“Taking advantage of the services offered by the EOC has been one of the greatest tools I have utilized to be a successful student. Most importantly, having the same individual looking out for me and encouraging me to not give up is priceless.” — EOC Client

“Everything was very well explained and detailed. My EOC Specialist was overwhelmingly courteous, patient and extremely forth coming with easy to understand explanations of every aspect of the financial aid and admissions process adding on much needed referrals. The service was aces all around. Thank you so much.” — EOC Client

“I was very nervous about starting school after being out over 20 years. The EOC staff here were beyond helpful. All of my questions were answered and answers to questions that I didn’t even ask were given. I am very thankful that the staff was helpful.” — EOC Client

“My EOC Specialist was GREAT. I’m super excited to get in school. I was close to giving up.”

In The News

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