A Pensacola State College Student Club


Campus: PNS, 

Phone: 484-2132 or 484-2091

Email: GSAPSC@gmail.com

Website: Visit Our Website

Meeting Schedule: 2nd Monday of the Month at 12:30pm - 1:30pm OR Zoom https://pensacolastate.zoom.us/j/97280898282 or 4th Tuesday of the Month at 4:00pm - 5:00pm OR Zoom https://pensacolastate.zoom.us/j/97280898282

Meeting Location: PNS- Library, Rm 2037

Club Advisor: Dr. Debby Meyer and Stephanie Johnson

About GSA

Criteria To Join

Must be actively enrolled as a student at Pensacola State College and supportive of human rights.

How To Join

Contact Club Advisor Dr. Debby Meyer

Phone: 484-4471

Email: dmeyer@pensacolastate.edu


Contact Club Advisor Scott Ragan-Schackmann

Phone: 484-1118

Email: sragan-schackmann@pensacolastate.edu


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