A Pensacola State College Student Club

Culinary & Hospitality

Campus: PNS, 

Phone: 850-484-1422

Email: culinaryclub@pensacolastate.edu

Meeting Schedule: Program Specific

Meeting Location: Culinary Dining Room (Rm 534) Pensacola campus

Club Advisor: Joni Verlin

About Culinary & Hospitality

Criteria To Join

Membership is limited to students currently enrolled at PSC as a culinary or hospitality majors or student enrolled at PSC who have completed the culinary or hospitality program. A one-time membership fee of $20 is required at enrollment.

How To Join

Contact Club Advisor: Joni Verlin

Phone: 850-484-1422

Email: jverlin@pensacolastate.edu


Additional Info

PSC culinary and hospitality purpose is to focused on bettering the culinary program at PSC through scholarships, competitions, and giving back to the community through fundraisers and volunteer work, all the while continuing our exploration of food, catering, and event planning.

Member Benefits

The culinary & hospitality club established at Pensacola state college is an organization that provides industry experience, an opportunity for networking, as well as a social outlet for culinary and hospitality students.