The purpose of the Safety, Health and Risk Management Manual is to outline the College’s institutional policies, procedures and practices that promote a healthy, safe and secure campus environment for all students, employees and guests of Pensacola State College.

All employees are encouraged to review the Safety Manual and Quick Reference Guide in case of an emergency.  The Public Safety Department is available at 850-484-2500 for any questions or concerns regarding emergency procedures.

Safety Council

The Safety, Health and Risk Management Council convenes bi-annually to monitor the health and safety needs of the College and makes recommendations for corrective actions to the Executive Committee.

Tom Gilliam Chair, SHRM Council 850-484-1500
Jonathan Garrett Blood borne Pathogens, OSHA & Hazardous Materials Coordinator 850-484-1699
Anthea Amos Campus Representative – Milton 850-484-4463
Dusti Sluder Campus Representative – Warrington 850-484-2232
Sandra Hartley Center Representative – Santa Rosa Center 850-471-4639
Paula Byrd Center Representative – Century Center 850-471-4679
Ruth McKinon Center Representative – Downtown Center 850-484-1363
Judy Harrington Injuries and Accidents 850-484-1322
Gean Ann Emond Risk Management and Liabilities 850-484-1728
Hank Shirah Safety and Loss Prevention Coordinator 850-484-2500
Juanita Scott Training and Professional Development 850-484-1953
Tammy Henderson Worker’s Compensation Loss Time, Medical and Leave Benefits 850-484-1766


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