All students of Pensacola State College enrolled in math, writing emphasis, physics, or beginning chemistry courses have access to a virtual tutoring lab. Onsite math and writing labs are located on the Pensacola Campus, Milton Campus, Warrington Campus, and the South Santa Rosa Center. If a student is unable to visit a campus tutoring lab, opportunities exist to receive feedback of virtual help with the Virtual Tutoring Labs. Please refer to the schedules for the virtual tutor availability.

As participants of the eLearning Virtual Tutoring Lab, students have access to live tutors in a fully interactive, virtual online environment. The virtual tutors have access to all the books being used in PSC classes, enabling students to ask specific questions. If homework is not from a textbook, the student may speak, email, or chat their question to the virtual tutor. After receiving the student’s questions, the tutor will work through the homework problem with the student, prompting the student to answer questions and interact throughout the process.

Virtual Tutoring Labs support students with multiple learning styles and enable students to work one-on-one with virtual tutors live. Most virtual hours are at night (writing and math are also on Sundays), allowing students with jobs or other obligations an opportunity to get much-needed help with homework. Math virtual tutors coordinate with instructors to make sure the tutors are teaching the correct method for an instructor’s specifications. The Writing Lab tutors are familiar with most of the writing assignments that are given by PSC instructors and are also prepared to help students cite sources in MLA, APA, and Turabian documentation styles.

Note: There are NO Accounting Virtual Tutoring Hours for this Fall.


How to log in to Virtual Tutoring:

  1. Go to: pensacolastate.instructure.com.
  2. Click on: “Log in to Canvas”
    • When the “Sign in” page displays, type your full Piratemail address, then click “Next.”
    • When the “Enter password” page displays, type your Piratemail password, then click the “Sign in” button.
  3. Once logged on you will see your Canvas “Dashboard.” Click on the appropriate course. You may have to click the “Courses” link (directly beneath the Dashboard link), then click “All Courses” to list all your courses.


Contact Us

Virtual Mathematics, Virtual Physics, Virtual Chemistry, Virtual Nursing Math
Michael Sabroski | Pensacola State College
Math Lab Supervisor
Mathematics and Computer Science
T 850.484.2003

Virtual Writing
Jessica Millis | Pensacola State College
Writing Lab Supervisor
English and Communications Department
T 850.484.1451