Published: 04-13-2022

decorative image of workday-og-theme , Registering for fall classes? Workday Student is where to enroll, receive financial aid awards and even be assigned adviser 2022-04-13 13:04:31By Troy Moon

Pensacola State College


If you’re registering for summer classes at Pensacola State College, you’ll be going old school.


But students registering for fall classes will use – and are already using – Workday Student for everything from admissions and registration to financial aid and advising.


The Workday Student enterprise resource planning system replaces the legacy Spyglass system, which will be phased out. Students registering for summer classes will still use Spyglass, though all the information in that system is being transferred to the new Workday Student system.


The fall semester begins Aug. 15. Summer classes begin May 11.


“We’re monitoring (Workday Student) daily and seeing students log in and register every day in Workday,’’ said Michael Johnston, PSC Associate Vice President Research and Management. “They’re engaging with advisers and getting help there. Everything is designed to ensure we have the best possible outcomes for our students.”

Workday Student can be accessed on the PSC homepage at by clicking on “Apply Now.” Students must then click “Sign In” at the top right-hand corner of the page and then “Create Account.”


Workday Student is also available as an app for smartphones.


Johnston said there are many aspects of Workday Student that students find beneficial, including the ease of getting an academic adviser.


“Now, every student gets an adviser immediately,’’ he said. “The (Workday) algorithm assigns an adviser who best meets a student’s needs. Before, there was a cumbersome process to get an adviser. This makes it automatic.”


Students now can access their financial awards through Workday.


“That’s an automated process now and it’s a huge plus for our students,’’ Johnston said. “There are so many benefits to Workday.”


PSC tested Workday Student during a two-week mock semester in late January and early February. More than 100 students participated, working at computer stations with staff and administrators to familiarize themselves with Workday.


When given a choice of “Loved It,’’ “Satisfied,’’ “Neutral,’’ “Unsatisfied” and “Disliked,’’ 87.5 percent of the participating students said they “Loved It.” The remaining students all chose “Satisfied.”


Workday Student debuted on March 12 (This is a Saturday) with a soft opening and students were able to access the system beginning March 21.


Johnston said administrators are currently working to implement a similar Workday system for the PSC Charter Academy which opens Aug. 8.


“Some students are already familiar with Workday because it’s used in other businesses and organizations,’’ he said. “They’re already fluent with it. That type of situation is very impressive.”