decorative image of writinglab , PSC Writing Lab tutors ready to assist online 2020-03-30 10:44:22 Published: 03-30-2020

Because of concerns about COVID-19, the PSC Writing Lab tutors will be available through virtual tutoring six days a week for the foreseeable future so that students can still get the writing help that they may need, says Jessica Millis, Writing Lab district supervisor.

Beginning today, students will be able to drop in and participate in live online tutoring sessions with us throughout the day and into the evening.

Here’s how it will work: they’ll be given a schedule or will locate our online schedule, Rather than physical locations, the new schedule contains direct links to the Zoom meeting rooms where tutors will be standing by.

When students click the link, they’ll be taken to a “waiting room” area. The tutor hosting the session will then admit them, one at a time, into the live conference.

During peak times more than one tutor will be waiting in each meeting room. If multiple students join us at once, these other tutors will be assigned to their own “breakout room” so that they can carry on separate conversations. The breakout rooms allow us to serve several students at a time without disruption.

Once the student is in the live conference, he or she can easily share a document so that the tutor and the student can go over it together. Zoom also provides a good place for students to ask questions or receive help with brainstorming, etc. When appropriate, tutors can also share links to our online resources.

Students will be receiving instructions through both their PirateMail and Canvas e-mail accounts.