decorative image of 0522-PB-1-ArtHonors_crowd_by-NickBridges-2 , PSC Visual Arts students receive honors and $23,590 in scholarships and awards 2017-05-22 11:28:56 Published: 05-22-2017

Pensacola State College’s Visual Arts Department awarded ribbons, plaques and $23,590 in scholarships and prizes to students at the 51st Annual Art Student Honors Ceremony recently.

For the first time, the event also included Judges Choice Awards based on judging from outside the Visual Arts Department. Dreyden Wells, an artist and ceramics instructor at the University of West Florida, selected winning works in the 51st Annual Art Student Honors Exhibition.

Photography major Michael Suhor won the first-ever Best of Show ribbon for his work, “Time, Light, and Life,” a film-based medium that transitioned from a positive to negative to positive image as its light source changed.

“Creating this piece required a lot of steps and a lot of work. I feel honored – and surprised – to get the Best of Show award for it,” Suhor said.

Judges Choice Awards were also presented for:

• Print making, drawing, painting – Nestor Taylor, first; Daniela de Castro Sucre, second; Stephanie Rosemore, third
• Photography – Sally Dupre, first; Nick Bridges, second; Michael Suhor, third
• Jewelry, 3-D, sculpture, glass – Frederick Lane, first; Cookie Kichler, second; Dorothy Mozelle, third
• Graphic design – Hannah Peltier, first; Sarah Goolsby, second; Kyle Wilkins, third

Renee Bates received the Visual Arts Department Scholar award for having the highest GPA.

Clover Student Art Purchase Awards went to Renee Bates ($200), Kristian Breeze ($150) and Catherine Scully ($150). Works by these students were purchased to remain with Pensacola State’s permanent art collection.

“For many years, our art professor Bill Clover has hand-crafted an array of unusual mugs that are sold with all proceeds going to purchase works from our annual student show for the PSC permanent collection,” said Krist Lien, Visual Arts Department head.

Scholarship winners are:

• Academic Excellence Scholarship, two years, ($3,600) – Alyxandra Jefferies, senior, Gulf Breeze High School
• Anna Lamar Switzer Endowed Scholarship, two years, ($3,000) – Ashlyn Fowler, senior, Tate High School
• 15th Annual Anna Award ($1,000) – Darrian Montgomery
• M.P. Brown Scholarships ($1,000 each) – Nick Bridges, Kristain Breeze
• Gulf Breeze Arts Scholarships ($1,000 each) – Kendall Sainata, Michael Suhor
• Randy Grogan Kidd Memorial Scholarships ($1,000 each) – Timothy Bednarczky, Nestor Taylor
• Carolyn Carter Memorial Scholarship ($1,000) – Daniela de Castro Sucre
• Julie Krause Scholarships ($1,000 each) – Karri Kimmons, Sandra Morris, Hannah Peltier
• Julie Krause Scholarship ($800) – Derek Blackmon
• Aubrey Mullings Memorial Scholarship ($500) – Tracy Carpenter
• Mark Price Memorial Scholarship ($500) – Gretchen Scott
• Sam Marshall Architects Scholarship ($500) – Sarah Goolsby
• Sam Marshall Architects Scholarship ($400) – Mary Lynn Grande
• Gulf Breeze Arts Scholarship ($400) – Pamela Formwalt
• M.P. Brown Scholarship ($300) – Rachel Westley
• Eileen Wade Memorial Scholarship ($200) – Mindy Cramlet

Cash Award winners are:

• Donna O’Neal Alumni Award ($300) – Stephanie Rosemore
• Tony Sam People’s Choice Award, first place ($150) – Nester Taylor
• Tony Sam People’s Choice Award, second place ($100) – Stephanie Rosemore
• Paul D. Lyon Jr. Memorial Award ($125 each) – Kylie Crowell, Charles Kent
• Davis Animal Hospital Award for Sculpture ($125 each) – Frederick Lane, Dorothy Mozelle
• Artistry 850 Members Choice ($200 each) – Nick Bridges, Connor Dunn
• Artistry 850 Members Choice ($50 each) – Darrian Montgomery, Kendall Sainata

Merchandise Award winners are:

• First City Arts Center ($140/100 lbs. clay) – Caroline Ennis
• Calagaz Photo Award ($200/printing package) – Amber Beasley

For more information, contact PSC Marketing Director Sheila Nichols at 850-484-1428.