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Troy Moon, Pensacola State College

You need a little pep in your step and a lot of pep for your school if you’re going to be a Pensacola State College Student Ambassador.

After all, Student Ambassadors are the public face of the PSC Student Body, and hosts for a variety of events, from fundraisers to art shows. They represent the College during student campus visits, commencement exercises and at alumni events. They also are featured in PSC media and promotions.

“Student Ambassadors are high performing students,” said PSC recruiter Ashley Lajeunesse, who works with the Ambassadors. “Their selection is based a lot on their school involvement in high school. They were members of student government and other clubs. They were team captains and class presidents and vice-presidents. They were not just involved in their schools; they were leaders in their schools.”

Here are the four new PSC Student Ambassadors and three returning Ambassadors:

• Alexis Copeland, Jay High School
• Karlee James, Tate High School
• Avery Young, Tate High School
• Miles Burt, Pace High School
• Danielle Horne, returning Ambassador
• Kailey Cutts, returning Ambassador
• Stephanie Le, returning Ambassador

All Student Ambassadors receive one-year scholarships that can be renewed if the students are selected to be Ambassadors for a second year.

To qualify for consideration, applicants must have had a 3.0 grade point average in high school and uphold a 3.0 grade point average at PSC to maintain the scholarship and Ambassador role. Applicants also had to provide letters of recommendation and go through an interview process.

“They have to be able to communicate effectively with prospective students,” Lajeunesse said. “And they have to show the passion they have for PSC.”

James was vice president of her senior class at Tate High.

“I was involved in leadership all through high school,” she said. “I don’t like to do anything halfway, so I always want to be involved and dedicated to anything I undertake.”

Burt, a Pace High School graduate, is a new Student Ambassador.

“I wanted to be a Student Ambassador because I felt I could really help people, especially new students,” Burt said. “A lot of potential students might feel a little uncertainty with college right around the corner. I know I felt like that. So I hope I can help ease the concerns of those students and help guide them through their first steps at PSC.”

PHOTO: Having a Zoom video conference with PSC Recruiting Department staff members Ashley Lajeunesse, upper left; Scott Bemiss, upper middle; Abigail Bott, second row left; and MaKenzie Johnson, second row middle; are PSC Student Ambassadors Stephanie Le, upper right; Karlee James, second row right; Danielle Horne, Kailey Cutts and Miles Burt, third row, left to right; and Alexis Copeland and Avery Young, bottom row, left to right.