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In an effort to reduce the waste and costs associated with excessive printing, and to improve our impact on the environment, Pensacola State College has adopted a new Print Management system named PCounter. Some highlights of the system follow:

  • Students will receive 250 free pages at the beginning of each semester to be used either by printing from a computer or by copying
  • As an alternative to printing, students may scan to their PirateMail account at no charge
  • After the free quota is used, each black and white page will cost .10 to print
    • (there will be no color printing available to students at this time)
    • Free pages will not rollover to future semesters
    • Additional pages will be purchased through a web pay system or at the Cashier’s office
  • When printing from a college owned computer in one of the many computer labs available, the student will be shown a popup window with the details of their print job, number of free pages left in their account and/or any account balance available for printing.
    • If this is in one of the Academic Computing Centers or libraries, the job will wait in a queue until the student swipes their card or types their Student ID# at whichever device they wish to use
    • If this is in a smaller lab with limited printing devices (and no copier), the job will automatically release upon confirmation of the popup window and will print at the available printer
  • Students will soon also have the ability to print from personally owned devices (ipad, phone, laptop, etc) to lab printers through a service called EveryonePrint – more details will be forthcoming about this new service they will choose the printer from a web page and send their print job which is charged to their account