decorative image of feliciano , Pensacola State researcher David Feliciano published by American Institutes for Research 2020-06-23 14:17:37 Published: 06-23-2020

Troy Moon, Pensacola State College

It’s a goal of all researchers to be published by a professional research organization.

Pensacola State College Senior Research Analyst David Feliciano was recently published on the website of American Institutes for Research (AIR), a non-profit group founded in 1946 dedicated to research, evaluation and technical assistance.

Feliciano’s paper is titled “Visualizing Fundable FTE by Location,” and is included in AIR’s “Visual Displays of Data” category. The paper includes an introduction, followed by a Tableau dashboard that tracks changes in fundable FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) and “disaggregates by location of course.”

And that means what?

“We can look at the unduplicated head count for a particular semester,” said Feliciano, who works in the PSC Institutional Research Department.
“That will tell you how many people are enrolled. But we also want some other metrics, and this looks at the course load and helps us to break down what’s happening at each campus.”

Michael Johnston, executive director of the Institutional Research Department, said it’s important for scientists and researchers to be published in academic journals and online sites.

“As we advance, we can publish and show others exactly what we’re doing and allow them to advance as well,” Johnston said. “It’s about those community partnerships that spread beyond the borders of Pensacola State college that allows us to continue to grow as scientists and researchers.”

Feliciano is a 2010 graduate of Pace High who went on to earn a bachelor (communications) and a master degree (Strategic Communications and Leadership) from the University of West Florida. He joined Pensacola State College in September, 2019.

He said there are benefits to being published.

“PSC is on that article,” he said. “So it puts the college out there and helps grow our name recognition. Personally, it will help my networking and my ability to collaborate and grow. It’s another part of the portfolio.”