decorative image of freemoney , Pensacola State College has $11 million in grant money for new and returning fall students 2021-07-12 10:36:24 Published: 07-09-2021

Troy Moon, Pensacola State College

Pensacola State College has $11 million in student emergency relief grants that can be awarded to students to help them attend the College. The funds are Federal Relief Grant dollars through the CARES Act. PSC has already awarded $6 million in previous CARES Act allotments to students since June 2020.

Students who receive grants can use the funds on tuition, books/supplies, housing/utilities, food, childcare, transportation and any other items or services needed to stay enrolled in their program of study. The grants are available to new and returning students, full time or part time. These are not loans. Students will not have to pay back an awarded Federal Relief Grant.

“Every single student should be applying for this money,’’ said Debbie Douma, PSC Dean of Grants and Federal Programs.

A survey of previous Federal Relief Grant awardees showed that 71 percent needed money for food and nearly 60 percent needed additional funds for housing and 65 percent of students needed additional funds for utilities. 

“If you know there’s food to put on your table for your kids or that your tuition is paid and you’re not having to pay for college on your credit card or take out a loan, that’s a huge relief,’’ Douma said. “You look at the food insecurity numbers – this is why we have things like food pantries. These funds can help students alleviate many of their financial concerns regarding attending college.” 

Applications to apply for the student emergency relief funds will tentatively open on Monday, July 12. If you have previously received a CARES Act emergency grant you are eligible to receive another grant award but must reapply to be considered. 

Details and the application link can be found beginning July 12 at