decorative image of 2021May18-GulfPowerFoundation-Group1 , PSC to open new dual enrollment charter school targeting military dependents 2021-05-19 11:00:06 Published: 10-06-2021

Troy Moon, Pensacola State College

Pensacola State College administrators delivered copies of its nearly 400-page charter school application to the Escambia County School District on Friday, Oct. 1.

Included in the application is a proposed opening of the Pensacola State College Charter Academy in August 2022.
The school would be in existing facilities on the Warrington campus.

Escambia County School District committees will examine various parts of the application, including budget, curriculum and other school features, then make a recommendation to Escambia County School Superintendent Tim Smith. If Smith supports the application, it would go before the Escambia County School Board for final approval.

If approved, the PSC Charter Academy would allow students to earn an associate in arts or associate in science degree while simultaneously earning a high school diploma.

“I think we’re in a good place,’’ said PSC President Ed Meadows. “I have talked to Dr. Smith on several occasions and he understands the initiative and the need for this type of charter school.”

The charter school draft application places special emphasis on recruiting students from military families, though other students will be to attend the school as well.

Naval Air Station Pensacola commanding officer Capt. Tim Kinsella has announced his support for the school, which would be located near the Navy base and Naval Air Station Pensacola Corry Station.

During its first two years, the PSC Charter Academy would admit 75 11th grade student and 75 12th grade students.
The Charter Academy would be open to 10th grade students beginning in the third year.

The PSC Board of Trustees approved the proposal in late September.

Brenda Kelly, PSC Senior Dean of Academic Affairs, led the development of the charter school application.

“The more I worked on this, the stronger my belief that for the right students this will be quite the experience,’’ Kelly said. “We still have a lot to do, but we believe this will be a great asset for our community.”

PHOTO: From the May 18, 2021, press conference, left to right: Patrick Dawson, Capt. Tim Kinsella, Julian MacQueen, Andrea Krieger, Wesley Hudgens, Sandy Sims, Rick Byars, Mike Spoor, Ed Meadows, Sarah Gatewood, Scott Luth, Margie Moore, Ed Moore and Troy Tippett.