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Education gift bears former state Sen. John Broxson’s name

By Troy Moon, Pensacola State College

Once known for bringing in some of the nation’s leading speakers and public figures, the Panhandle Tiger Bay Club is no more, having merged with the University of West Florida Downtown Lecture Series in early November.

But the club’s legacy – and that of one of its founders – will live on with a Pensacola State College scholarship totaling $5,000.

The John Broxson-Panhandle Bay Club Scholarship will preserve both legacies, said Pueschel Schneier, the last of the Tiger Bay Club presidents. The club was established in 1977 by Pensacola News Journal columnist Pat Lloyd and former Florida Sen. John Broxson.

“It is very bittersweet to see Tiger Bay go away, but we are proud that we can leave some type of legacy to benefit the young people in our community,” Schneier said. “We also wanted to honor Sen. John Broxson, so the scholarship at PSC is in his name.”

The club donated $2,500 for the scholarship. Christina Broxson, wife of John Broxson, has matched that contribution, bringing the scholarship total to $5,000.

The Tiger Bay Club also contributed funds to the Pat Lloyd Scholarship at UWF, which was established in 1987.

Though John Broxson is battling health issues, Christina Broxson said her husband has a great affection for PSC.

“John was on the board at (then PJC) for 10 years or more,” she said. “He loves that place. When I heard what the Tiger Bay Club was doing, I said I would be happy to match it.”

John Broxson, now 87, served in the Florida Senate from 1967 until 1971. He was previously Sheriff of Santa Rosa County.

“John’s time with the Tiger Bay Club was so exciting, and it really was good for the community,” Christina Broxson said. “And we wanted to do something to uphold his legacy.”

PSC Foundation Executive Director Andrea Krieger said it is contributions from people and groups like the Broxsons and the Tiger Bay Club that help keep the College affordable for so many.

“One of the reasons PSC is ranked among the most affordable colleges is because there are so many scholarships to support students,” she said. “And that’s because of community leaders who chose to make a difference.”