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Tired of having to call the student helpdesk just to reset your PirateMail password?  What if it is the weekend or after 8pm and the Helpdesk staff are not available… you are in luck!

Pensacola State College has implemented a Self-Serve Password Reset Tool for resetting your network password (used to access PirateMail, lab computers and student wi-fi) without having to call the HelpDesk!

In order to use the Self-Serve Password Reset Tool, you must login with your PSC network user account and current password one time to setup the methods for future verification. If you need assistance with the first time setup, you may contact the Student Helpdesk at (850) 471-4534, or by email at

1. To begin, please click on the link: Self-Serve Password Reset Tool, enter your username and press Next to Begin.
2. When prompted, please login using your PirateMail Username and Password and click Continue.
a.) Please select three challenge questions and provide the answers.
b.) Please enter an alternate email address. (Optional for receiving password reset code via personal/other email)
c.) Please enter a cell phone number and carrier capable of receiving text messages. (Optional for receiving password reset code via text message)
3. You have now completed the setup process! Click ‘Finish’ and the Self-Serve Password Reset home page will display
4. You may close this window, unless you need to Update your Security Profile to revise any of your account information, Reset your Password, or Unlock your account.

In the future, to access the PSC Self-Serve Password Reset Tool, please use the following link: Self-Serve Password Reset Tool, or click the ‘Forgot your password link’ on the PirateMail login page.

Click the Link… Setup your Security Profile now before you need to reset the password again!