decorative image of mannacovid , Manna Food Pantries donates food to feed PSC’s most vulnerable students 2020-04-07 14:20:15 Published: 04-07-2020

Troy Moon, Pensacola State College

Manna Food Pantries donated 33 banana cases filled with food staples to Pensacola State College on Tuesday, April 7, in response to a survey of students needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Manna is prepared to follow PSC’s initial distribution to students with additional deliveries.

College employees from various departments hauled the cases from the Manna delivery van for temporary storage in the Student Government Association office.

The food is set aside for students most in need ─ as identified by a recent survey that revealed 50 percent of PSC students have lost jobs or are worried about losing a job.

The Pirates CARE Team, a faculty and staff group that meets weekly to discuss how to meet student needs. Since the COVID-19 crisis, they have been working daily to return calls to impacted students. They will soon distribute the food to the first 60 priority students who have exhibited the greatest need for assistance.

“We’ve been calling students and have reached over 400 of them,’’ said Pirates CARE team member Lynsey Listau, who is the College’s executive director of Institutional Equity and Student Conduct.

Listau said daily calls and meetings of the Pirates CARE team include managing the logistics of the food distribution and other resources.

The Pirates CARE Team along with the PSC Foundation also is working to supply students who have had to convert to online classes with the proper technology they need. According to the student survey, 155 students need a computer to do coursework remotely. The PSC Foundation has initiated a new Student Needs Fund where donors can contribute to help students weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Andrea Krieger, executive director of Institutional Development, said student needs go far beyond computers and internet service.

“We had to figure out a way to help them out beyond laptops,’’ she explained. “We’ve established a student needs fund to try to help them out however we can.”

Krieger was grateful for Manna’s partnership and their willingness to stretch limited resources to help students.

Listau has talked with many of the students surveyed and said most “are stressed.”

“But they’re so appreciative that the College is reaching out to them,’’ she added. “There’s a lot of gratitude. But they’re stressed about the unknown. Some have lost jobs or had hours reduced and need help with rent and have pressing financial needs.”

PHOTO: Pensacola State’s Richard Whatley helps load food donated by Manna Food Pantries that is earmarked for the College’s students in need.

To help out

To contribute to the Pensacola State College Student Needs Fund to help students experiencing hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic, go to


Help support our students at PSC

Message from President Ed MeadowsThe Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our local community and our PSC students in a variety of different ways. Some students have lost their jobs and are having a difficult time making their mortgage payments and rent. Others need laptop computers and basic equipment in order to complete their educations online. Others need the basic necessities of life. We are asking that you please consider assisting us in supporting our students at Pensacola State College during this very difficult time. Thank you and stay safe! To donate, go to

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