Published: 04-06-2022

decorative image of katelyn-powell-sm , Katelyn Powell graduates from PSC in May, then off to Florida State University for Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences program. 2022-04-06 12:30:22By Troy Moon
Pensacola State College


Pensacola State College student Katelyn Powell is taking seven classes this semester. Six are Math and Science-based classes – she plans on going to Medical School – and one is Music Appreciation.

“The Music Appreciation class is the hardest class for me,” Katelyn said. “I can’t hear something and just understand the difference between the noises. It’s been hard.”

Yikes, that’s going to hurt a stellar 3.9 grade point average, isn’t it?

No, she has an A in that class too. There’s a reason that Katelyn made the PSC President’s List in spring, 2021, recognizing full-time students who had a perfect 4.0 grade point average for the 2021 spring term. She also graduated from Gulf Breeze High School that spring while taking dual-enrollment classes at PSC.

Katelyn, 19 years old, has been accepted into Florida State University, where she will begin classes in the FSU Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences program. Then, she plans on attending medical school, though she is not yet sure where. Her goal is to specialize in neurology and work in a trauma unit.

She will graduate from PSC in May.

“I loved the dual-enrollment program,” Katelyn said. “I think it was too cool to get college credits during my senior year in high school. I would definitely recommend PSC to other people. In fact, I have. It’s a great place to start your college career.”