Pensacola State College is committed to providing support and resources to students experiencing homelessness and students who have been or are in Foster Care.

Students experiencing homelessness or who are or have been in Foster Care can petition for tuition and fee exemptions. Students eligible for exemptions are not required to pay standard tuition and fees associated with the course(s) they are enrolled in. Students will be responsible for all other applicable charges, including course materials.



To petition for the Students Experiencing Homelessness Exemption, students must submit a Florida Student Homelessness Verification for Tuition and Fees Exemption Purposes Form via Workday. Pensacola State College’s Homeless Liaison, Jessica Johnson, can assist students with completing this form. The form can be found here: https://www.pensacolastate.edu/documents/homeless-student-assistance-form/.

To petition for the Department of Children and Family (DCF) Services Exemption, students must submit a Department of Children and Families (DCF) Tuition and Fee Exemption Form (Form CF-FCP 5220) for verification. This exemption form originates at DCF. For more eligibility information, visit Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) Exemptions.



For questions or assistance with the exemption process and for on-going support and resources, please contact:

Ms. Jessica Johnson
Director, Wellness Services
PSC Homeless/Foster Care Liaison
Pensacola Campus Building 5, Room 510


(850) 484-2139