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Troy Moon, Pensacola State College

Two federal programs that help Pensacola State College students who are sometimes the most academically vulnerable have been refunded for an additional five years.

TRIO-Student Support Services received a five-year $1.89 million grant ($379,197 each year) while TRIO-Veterans Student Support Services received a five-year $1.25 million grant ($250,000 each year).

“These grants help us serve students who might get lost in the system,” said Debbie Douma, Pensacola State College Dean of Grants and Federal Programs. “One adviser might normally be assigned 400 or 500 students to assist, but this allows the College to provide more support since a TRIO adviser is only working with 110 students. That way the student receives more intensive and intentional guidance and assistance.”

Student Support Services and Veterans Student Support Services are two of the five federally-funded TRIO programs available at PSC.

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Debbie Douma, Pensacola State College Dean of Grants and Federal Programs

Both programs provide assistance based on academic need to first-generation college students, low-income students and students with disabilities. The only qualifying difference is that students in the TRIO Veterans Student Support Services must be U.S. military veterans who have received a discharge other than dishonorable.

Each program offers qualifying students a variety of services and opportunities including advising and counseling, cultural field trips, grant aid, peer coaching, college visits and more.

“Choosing to go to College after the military is a tough decision for a lot of veterans,” said Bill Tice, Director of TRIO-Veterans Student Support Services. “It’s a major life change for many of them. It can be frustrating for them at times, and we’re here to help advise and assist them. We try to provide resources and a sense of direction for them.”

Rachel Burns, Director of TRIO-Student Support Services, said the program provides “supportive services” to those students who need it most.

“We help those first-generation college students, or students from low-income households, students with financial need or academic problems and concerns,” Burns said. “Our mission is to help students achieve academic success that will carry on after they finish at PSC.”

For more information on TRIO-Student Support Services, call 850-484-2028, or go to

For more information on TRIO-Veterans Student Support Services, call 850-484-2047, or go to