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Massage Therapy

The professional Massage Therapy Program is a 750 clock hours (25 vocational credits), vocational certificate program that prepares students for employment as a Florida licensed massage therapist. The program content includes but is not limited to the theory and practice of massage, theory and practice of hydrotherapy, hygiene, practice demonstration, human anatomy and physiology, legal aspects of massage practice, allied modalities, leadership and human relations skills, health and safety, CPR, and employability skills. Continue Reading Massage Therapy

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Facials Specialty

Our Facials/Skin Care Specialist program is a one-semester program of study that prepares skin-care students for licensure and a career in the esthetics profession. In an age of specialization, the esthetician plays a crucial role in the cast of our Salons and Day Spas. As a Certified Facials/Skin Care Specialist, your skills as a make-up artist and skin-care technician will serve you well in a world where “pampering” is no longer a luxury enjoyed by the privileged few.
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Cosmetology is a twelve-month, 1200 clock hour program of study that prepares students for State licensure and employment in the areas of hair, nail and skin care. Classes begin in August, January, and May and are limited to spaces available. For questions regarding entrance requirements and program application, contact the Professional Service Careers Department. The Cosmetology program is offered in the Pensacola, Milton, and Century campuses. Continue Reading Cosmetology

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Advanced Esthetics

This program is targeted at those who are already working as a registered Facial Skin Care Specialist and is a continuation of the Facials/Skin Care Specialty program. It is designed for Facial Skin Care Specialist/Estheticians needing the advanced skills required for employment within the spa industry, medical offices including dermatologist and plastic surgeons, and the new medi-spa industry. Continue Reading Advanced Esthetics