Coronavirus | Student Resources


All eLearning courses at PSC are delivered online through Canvas. Many instructors teaching on campus also use Canvas to deliver online content to students. The system is compatible with all major web browsers (current versions only), is user-friendly, and integrates with most social media services. (Click here for computer requirements.) Want to kick the tires?  Enroll in the Student Orientation Course. It’s free and presented in Canvas so you are fully immersed in the system from beginning to end. Canvas Student Guides are available for ongoing reference, and the video below is worth a peek.


Many eLearning instructors require the Respondus Lockdown Browser for tests. If you are unsure if the RLDB is required for your course, check your syllabus carefully or ask your instructor about this early in the semester. Click here to download the RLDB. An overview of how the RLDB works is provided below.


PSC courses often include one or more writing assignments. Consequently, many instructors now use Turnitin to determine the extent to which a student might have “borrowed” existing content without giving proper credit to the original author.


Zoom is a videoconferencing system used within Canvas that provides the means for students and instructors to communicate in real time. The brief video below provides an overview of Zoom for students. It is highly recommended that all PSC students take time to watch the video and return to it for assistance as needed.

Additional Resources

For Escambia County specific COVID-19 questions, you may contact the Citizen Information Center at 850-471-6600 or via email

The Florida Department of Health has launched a dedicated call center for questions related to COVID-19. If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms, please contact the Florida Department of Health using the information below. The COVID-19 Call Center is now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.