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PSC English and Communications Department has new Assistant Department Head – Christine O’Donnell

It’s almost as if Christine O’Donnell’s vocation was written for her. Of course, whatever was written, O’Donnell would have been happy to identify all the parts of speech and diagram the sentences.

“I was the student who enjoyed diagramming sentences,’’ she said, chuckling. “I’ve always been interested in English, even in high school.”

Today, O’Donnell is Assistant Department Head of the PSC English and Communications Department, a job she was promoted to in May. O’Donnell has been at PSC since January 2000, serving as adjunct instructor, Reading and Writing Lab supervisor and as Associate Professor.

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PSC welcomes new Visual Arts Department director Brian Weaver

Brian Weaver considers himself fortunate that he found Pensacola State College.  He wasn’t really aware of PSC – he’s from Oil City, Pennsylvania after all – until applying for the position of Visual Arts Department head.

Now that he’s here in the Department head position, Weaver wants to help ensure that more people find out about PSC and particularly the Visual Arts Department, which, he said, is one of the finest he’s ever been affiliated with.