decorative image of DKACabinet , Auto Draft 2019-09-10 10:05:30 Published: 09-10-2019

More than 40 Delta Kappa Alpha Fraternity brothers, including several founding members, gathered on July 27 in the Edward M. Chadbourne Library for the unveiling of the Delta Kappa Alpha Memorial Cabinet.

Founding brothers ─ George Gaines, Ira Lee Jones, Steve Van Wezel, Al Shams, Roger Eaton, Raymond Periera and Bobby Bell ─ attended the historic event. Also present for the ceremony were Pensacola State College President Ed Meadows, PSC Alumni Association Executive Director Patrice Whitten and PSC Alumni Association Board Member and retiring Milton Campus Dean Anthea Amos.

Photographers Roxanne Lavelle and Hailey Lotz along with Lindsey Garner were Pensacola State staff volunteers.

Brother Mike Thomas opened the ceremony with a warm welcome and introduced Gaines, who was Delta Kappa Alpha’s Pledge Bond No. 1. After giving a brief history of the chapter, Gaines related his personal experience.

“Watching the unveiling of the Delta Kappa Alpha permanent display cabinet was a deeply moving experience. It affirmed my belief that what we do in our lives really matters. Most of us were only 18 or 19 years old when DKA was founded,” said Gaines following the unveiling.

decorative image of Delta-Kappa-Alpha-cabinet.jpg , Auto Draft 2019-09-10 10:04:35“Who were we to think that the principles of our fraternity would have such a powerful influence on so many lives ─ not only the founding 13 ─ but also the hundreds who would follow in our footsteps? My counsel to anyone, especially our young people, is whenever you do something, do it so that it benefits others. Who knows, in 58 years or so, you too may be blessed to see the fruits of your labor.”

Meadows delivered a State of the College message to guests, expressed appreciation for their support and asked each Delta Kappa Alpha brother to introduce himself and his guest and share his PSC/PJC story.

Meadows also recognized Whitten who congratulated the fraternity and recognized the Lifetime Charter Members in attendance. She also thanked them for establishing the Delta Kappa Alpha scholarship fund.

Those recognized who envisioned, designed and worked on the Delta Kappa Alpha Memorial Cabinet included Michael Brock, Doug Knowles, Steve Burch, Fred Schreiber, Scott Fisk, Bo and Judi Johnson, David Collins, Thomas, Meadows, Whitten, Gary and Heather DeLapp and Larry Hunt.

Following the cabinet dedication, Brock and Gaines announced Meadows was named an Honorary Delta Kappa Alpha Brother at an executive meeting. Meadows came forward and was welcomed into the fraternity with the official handshake. He was thanked for supporting the fraternity, the cabinet project and for his leadership at the College.

For ensuring the success of this project, Thomas expressed special recognition and appreciation to the following: Founding Brothers, those in Chapter eternal, Brock, DeLapp, Knowles, Collins, Burch, Johnson, Schreiber, Fisk along with Meadows, Whitten, Lisamarie Bartusik, PSC Library Department Head, Lavelle, Garner, Lotz and Amos.