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Technology Firsts

SpyGlass for Student Information

Login to SpyGlass to see your student number, email address and library number.  This information will be very important to your success as a student at PSC… so start memorizing them as soon as possible.

You can login to SpyGlass the first time using your SSN and PIN.  The initial PIN is the 2 digit month and 2 digit year of your birthday.  On your first login, you will be required to setup security questions and establish a new PIN.  Your new PIN must be at least 4 characters, can be up to 10 in any combination of alpha and numeric.  Once you have logged in and recorded your student ID #, you should begin the process of memorizing it and using it to login for subsequent sessions.

Printing and Copying

Your Student ID# is also used to access copiers and printing throughout the college campuses.  It is encoded on the magnetic stripe of your ID Card, but can also be typed in at the copier keypad to release print jobs and to make copies in any of the computer labs across all campuses. Login to the print portal at to purchase additional pages for printing.

College Email

PirateMail (powered by Microsoft 365) is the college’s preferred and most widely used form of communication.  You should login regularly to receive information about college activities and hear from your instructors and college administrators about items requiring your attention.

Your email address used to access PirateMail can be found on the home page of SpyGlass and the initial password is LoginYYYYMMDD! – that is the entire word Login with capital L, your entire birthday starting with the 4 digit year and an exclamation point at the endThe exclamation point IS a part of the password.

Computers for student use

The same username and password used to access PirateMail will be used to login to any computer on campus, and to the campus wireless network, as well as many other sites used at Pensacola State College.  Computers are available for student use at Academic labs and libraries on each campus.

Password Reset

Change Security Questions  Microsoft Password Reset Registration

Forgot Pirate Password

Your password for PirateMail and computer access can be self-reset at You must provide security information here  in order to use this self-reset system.  Do this as soon as possible – and please note, this is a different security profile than what is used for SpyGlass and the passwords will remain separate.

If you should have any problems with the steps or information above, please give us a call at the Student Helpdesk 850-471-4534 and and we’ll be happy to help.

Accounts & Passwords

Every student at Pensacola State College is assigned unique accounts for accessing systems owned by the college. These accounts are assigned at the time your college application is completed and processed.  Network accounts are used to login to campus computers and to access email and online courses.  Your student number is used as the identifier for your student records.  Both of these accounts will be important to your time here at PSC – so memorize them and start using them today.

For all college systems, you will be required to change the password on the first login.

Student ID Numbers

  • 8 digit unique identifier
  • assigned when your application is processed
  • used to access all student records
  • used as login for Spyglass
  • used for printing and copying
  • used as the primary identifier for all college related inquiries

Student ID numbers are required identification at Pensacola State College.

All students are assigned this 8 digit unique ID number when their student record is created.  This number is created at the time the application is completed and will be used to access your student records using SpyGlass.  If you do not know your student id number, you can login to SpyGlass with your SSN to find it.  Your student number will be shown in red on the home page of your SpyGlass record.

Your student id will be used to gain access to Spyglass and to access copiers and retrieve print jobs in student technology spaces such as computer labs.  It will also be requested as an identification process by most departments at the college.  This number should be memorized and used anytime your need to speak with someone at the college – it is your college identifier.

Why can’t I use my Social Security Number?

Pensacola State College is responding to a legislative mandate to provide students with a unique identifier that is not the Social Security Number.

With “identity theft” increasing at alarming rates, the use of a unique identifier at postsecondary institutions will provide a student with a number that can be used for registration and other transactions at the College.

The Social Security Number will be requested at the point of admission, since that number must be used for federal reporting and state tracking of students as well as for meeting the requirements of federal financial assistance such as the Pell Grant.

Network Login Accounts

  • Created within 24 hours of application
  • Created with your Initials (as entered on the application)
  • Used for PirateMail
  • Used to Login to campus computers
  • Used for eLearning
  • Network Login is required on all computers at Pensacola State College.
  • Created from your initials as entered on your original college application paired with a 4 digit number (ABC1111).
  • The same account name is used to access College Computers, Wireless, PirateMail, and Canvas/eLearning.


Your initial password for this account is LoginYYYYMMDD! – that is the entire word Login with capital L, your birthday with the entire 4 digit year first and an exclamation point (!) at the end.

Network account passwords must follow the rules below:

  • be at least 8 characters in length
  • contain at least 1 UPPER case letter
  • contain at least 1 lower case letter
  • contain at least 1 number
  • contain at least 1 “special character” (punctuation marks usually work)
  • must NOT contain more than 3 letters of your first name, last name or username
  • must NOT be the same as the last 10 passwords
  • must be changed every 120 days (4 months) 

Connections & Systems

Wireless on Campus

Pensacola State College provides wireless networking at all campuses and centers.  The Student Wireless network is an open network providing internet access to all students with an active college login.  There is also a Guest wireless network that will provide limited bandwidth access to visitors who do not have a college login account.

Wi-Fi Access on Campus

Pensacola State College provides wireless networking at all campuses and centers.

The Student Wireless network is currently an open network providing internet access to all students with an active college login.

There is also a Guest wireless network that will provide limited bandwidth access to visitors who do not have a college login account.

Look for Student-Wireless in the Wi-Fi selection options of your mobile device.  You will be presented with an acknowledgement page (see below) before you can use the wireless network. If this page does not automatically appear, opening any Internet browser should redirect your browser.

Using Mobile Devices

Piratemail on mobile devices

  • Using the device’s native app, add a new account using Exchange ActiveSync as the account type. (Some newer devices use “Corporate”, and some use “Other”.  If prompted for a server name, use
  • You can access from any web browser.
  • You can install Office 365 on your device and use the Outlook client included to check mail.

For more information, please check out Microsoft’s help pages HERE.

Canvas mobile apps (for eLearning)

Download the Canvas App for iOS
Download the Canvas App for Android

(App setup requires the URL:

Please check for more information here.

Office 365

Partnering with Microsoft for student email also provides all students access to Office 365 for free! Click this link to find out more…

Apps for Mobile Devices

Canvas – most features are available on the mobile platform.
PirateMail – get your college email on your phone.
Office 365  available for free download to all students.
Spyglass can be accessed via web browser on any device.


Piratemail is the official college email system for students and the primary means of communication between the college and students.

About PirateMail

PirateMail is Pensacola State College’s student email system. It is the primary means of communication between the college and our students.  According to the Student Handbook, you should be checking your PirateMail at least twice a week for important notices and information.

  • Powered by Microsoft Office 365, PirateMail provides access to email, calendaring, OneDrive and access to Office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc).
  • The student email system uses your network login id and password.  The initial password is LoginYYYYMMDD! – that is the entire word Login with a capital L, your birthday with 4 digit year first and an exclamation point at the end.
  • Please be sure to visit the Self-Serve Password Reset Tool to setup your challenge questions/answers and alternate authentication methods so that you will be able to reset your forgotten password in the future.
  • PirateMail can be accessed on your phone or other mobile device.

Why do I need an email address from Pensacola State College?

The college has chosen to provide email services to students in order to facilitate communication between the student and the administrative, academic and student services departments of the college. The college will use this address as a primary means of communication to the student. It is imperative that you keep up with your college provided email address.

What is my username and password?

The username for PirateMail is:
The username is created at the time your college application is processed and is your initials with a 4 digit number at the end. (ex:
If you do not have a middle initial or your middle initial was not included on your application, an underscore (“_”) will be added in place of the middle initial (A_C1234).
The initial password for PirateMail is LoginYYYYMMDD! – that is the entire word Login with capital L, your birthday with the entire 4 digit year first and an exclamation point (!) at the end.

What if my name changes?

PirateMail reflects your name based on the official record in the Pensacola State College Student Records System. In order to change your name in the PirateMail address book, you must first change the official name on record. This can be done by contacting the Registration office or making appropriate changes in SpyGlass online. Once the change is processed in the official school records, the change will be reflected in the email system automatically.

The username used to access PirateMail does not change.

Can I access my PirateMail from my phone or mobile device?

Yes. PirateMail is powered by Microsoft Office 365. It can be added to a mobile device’s native app by choosing “Exchange” or “Corporate” as the account type. In some cases, it is necessary to use “Other” and provide the server name POD51008.OUTLOOK.COM.

Please visit the student password management page for more information.

Will Microsoft provide restoration of deleted emails?

Once a student has deleted an e-mail, it resides in the trash or recycling folder for approximately one day. After that, the e-mail is deleted from the servers and cannot be restored.

How long will I have my PirateMail account?

The PirateMail account will remain active throughout a student’s enrollment and for three terms after the last term of attendance.

What other services are provided with my PirateMail email account?

Because the college partners with Microsoft to provide this email address, you are also entitled to the use of Microsoft Office 365 for free. This includes the applications Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, as well as OneDrive for cloud storage. You may download Office365 to up to 5 personally owned devices for free. Your OneDrive for student account includes 1 Terabyte of storage space.

Emails from my instructor are not being received...what is wrong?

Microsoft provides junk mail filtering as a standard practice with their online email accounts. Sometimes, .edu email addresses are mistakenly filed in the junk folder. Please check your junk folder, and use the junk mail options to “allow” all adddress from


Spyglass is Pensacola State College’s Internet Student Information System. Spyglass is accessible to any student of the college (currently enrolled student or former student).

Spyglass is Pensacola State College’s Internet Student Information System. If you have ever been a student at Pensacola State College (or Pensacola Junior College), you can login to Spyglass to see your records.

  • You may use your Student # or your SSN to login to Spyglass.
  • If this is your first time logging in, the PIN requested will be the 2 digit Month and 2 digit year of your birthday. (if you were born in September 2007, the PIN would be 0907).
  • During your first login, SpyGlass will require you to change your pin and create some security question/answers to be used in case you forget your password in the future.
  • If your PIN is locked (usually due to too many invalid login attempts) it will have to be unlocked by the Helpdesk staff. Please call 850-471-4534

What can I do on Spyglass?

  • Request Transcripts
  • Pay Fees
  • Create and adjust class schedules
  • Apply for graduation
  • Apply for Short Term Loans
  • See Financial Aid
  • Much, much more!

What do I do if I cannot log in?

  • If you have logged in before and setup your security questions/answers, click the “Do Not Know PIN” link to reset your PIN.
  • If you have never logged in before, try your 2 digit birth year and 2 digit birth month as the PIN.
  • If you do not know your PSC Student ID #, try using your SSN


eLearning is Pensacola State College’s distance learning platform hosted by Instructure Canvas.  You can learn more about eLearning and Canvas at (including video tutorials and an online orientation course).

  • The system is compatible with the most current version of all major web browsers, provides mobile apps for Android and iOS. When installing the mobile app for Canvas, you will be asked for URL:
  • Canvas courses are available to enrolled students starting the first day of the semester. You will not be able to login to your course prior to this time.
  • Canvas provides 24/7 support to our students at 1-855-534-1843 (this is a toll free number).
  • Checkout the eLearning website for more information.

Computer Labs

Academic Computing Centers

Pensacola Campus, Bldg 2100 Room 2163

Warrington Campus, Bldg 3100 Room 3142

Milton Campus, Bldg 4400 Room 4413

South Santa Rosa Center, Room 5134

Academic Computing Center


Pensacola Campus, Bldg 20

Warrington Campus, Bldg 3500

Milton Campus, Bldg 4100


The internet and electronic systems have exponentially increased the amount of materials available in today’s learning, teaching and working environment.  However, despite broader electronic access to documents, there remains a need for print services for students, faculty, and staff.  Many people still prefer to read text on paper because it is more comfortable and convenient for distribution at meetings, for study, note taking and various other reasons.

The college provides and manages print services through PaperCut, a system designed for the educational community more than 10 years ago.  Funded from the Student Technology Fee, PSC provides and supports the printers, paper and toner for the computer labs and library printers, providing up to 250 free pages each semester to all students who pay this fee as part of their tuition.

How does it work?

When a student prints in a computer lab or in a library at any campus or center of Pensacola State College, a dialogue box appears on the workstation showing their current balance and the fee for the pages they are attempting to print.  This dialogue box requires confirmation before the print job is sent to a queue.  The job is sent to a “release queue” and held until the student enters their ID at a device within the computing space and selects to print or cancel the job.  If not released within 4 hours, the job will automatically be deleted and the student is not charged.  This gives sufficient opportunity for a student to change their mind about printing the pages in this job.

What are the charges for printing?

The print management system charges .10 per page for B/W pages, with duplex jobs charging at 50%.  Color printing is not provided to students at this time.

Do I get free printing as part of my tuition?

At the beginning of each semester, the system allocates a new $25 “free quota” print balance to each college credit student from the Technology Fee paid with tuition, regardless of the class load.  This equates to 250 free black and white pages.  Non-credit students, such as Collegiate High School, Recreation and Leisure, and Adult Education students are not allocated this free quota.

How can I purchase more pages for printing?

If a student wishes to purchase additional pages beyond this $25 free quota, they may use the PaperCut web portal to “add credit” to the account via credit card, or go to the Cashier office to pay for additional credit with cash or check.  On the Papercut web portal, sign in with your PirateMail credentials.

How do I find my print job?

You print as you normally would from a computer that you have logged in to. A dialogue box will display providing your print account balance and information about the job you are currently printing (pages and cost) and asking you to confirm your printing choice. Once you have chosen to move forward with this print job, you may go to any of the multi-function devices available in the lab, login by swiping your student ID card or typing your Student ID#, and selecting the jobs to release to that printer.

Will my free quota accumulate over time?

No.  Free Quota balances are cleared the last day of each semester.  Free printing services are not provided between semesters.

Are there any refunds?

No.  Additional funds paid for printing are not refundable to the student, so please purchase only what you think you will need.  Pages that were bought over and above the free quota will roll over to new semesters and will remain available to the student for two years after the last registered semester.  At that time, they will be donated to the general scholarship fund for the school.

What do I do if the printer jams before my job is completed?

In most cases, a printer jam will restart the job at the jammed location and not charge for extra pages. If you have a problem with pages not printing, please see the attendant in the lab area you are in and if they are unable to resolve the problem, they will call the Helpdesk for assistance.

Where can students print?

There are student printers in the Academic Computing Centers and Libraries on each campus.

How can non-students print or how can I print between semesters?

If you are not a currently registered student, or the college is between semesters and your free balance has not yet been allocated, you can purchase pages for printing at  For non-student users, click the “Register as a New User” link to create an account.  You will be asked to create a numeric ID which will be entered at any copier in public or student spaces for printing.  Printers are available to the public in the libraries on each college campus.

Contact The Help Desk
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