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All users at the college are assigned a network login account  in order to access college owned technology. The employee username is generally your first initial and last name, but in cases of duplicates, may use a middle initial or other letters.

The network login account will be created automatically on or before your hire date through the Workday hiring process.

Accounts and Passwords

Network Login Account

  • Created automatically through hiring process
  • Used to login to your office computer
  • Used to login to classroom computers
  • Used for email access
  • Used for most applications at the college through MyPSCApps

Network Login

Network Login is required on all computers at Pensacola State College.

  • The same account name is used to access College Computers, Classroom computers, Employee Wireless, eMail, and all college applications accessed through MyPSCApps
  • The first time you login, you will be required to change your password to something new. The new password must contain at least 8 characters, with one uppercase, one lowercase, one number and one special character (such as &,%$@).
  • Please be sure to visit the Microsoft Self-Serve Password Reset Tool to setup your challenge questions/answers and alternate authentication methods so that you will be able to reset your forgotten password in the future.

Employee ID Numbers

  • 8 digit unique “person” identifier
  • assigned when your Workday account is created
  • the same as your Student ID# if a student record already exists
  • used to login to SpyGlass
  • used to login to SRS applications (eRoster, eAdvising, eManagement)
  • used for Printing and Copying on campus

Employee ID Number

Employee ID Numbers are used for identification at Pensacola State College

Pensacola State College uses an 8 digit unique number to identify all users.  The number is generated automatically when you become  associated with the college (either as a new employee or as a student).  If you have been in both student and employee roles, the ID number is the same.


Currently, the college business systems for student records maintains a separate password from email and network login.  In order to better manage your credentials, considering making changes to them at the same time.

  • Network password expires every 60 days (2 months)
  • Use the Self-Service Password Setup to manage your security information
  • Use the Self-Service Password Reset Tool to change your password
  • College Systems passwords expire every 60 days
  • Use the E-Human Resources system to reset your password for eAdvising and other Student Records pages

Password Management

If, after reading this page, you need assistance changing any of your passwords, please call the Helpdesk at (850) 484-1702.

Network/eMail password

Network account passwords for employees must follow the rules below:

  • be at least 8 characters in length
  • contain at least 1 UPPER case letter
  • contain at least 1 lower case letter
  • contain at least 1 number
  • contain at least 1 “special character” (punctuation marks usually work)
  • must NOT contain more than 3 letters of your first name, last name or username
  • must NOT be the same as the last 10 passwords
  • must be changed every 60 days (2 months) 

Changing your Network/eMail password

Visit the Self-Serve Password Tool to setup a security profile and the Microsoft Reset Page to reset your password if it is forgotten.

College Business Systems passwords

Use the eHuman Resources screen to change your password to access Student Records (eAdvising, eManagement, SRS).

Spyglass passwords

Spyglass is the official way to access records for students.  However, as an employee, you have an account in Spyglass and may need to access it for Professional Development classes or other college-related coursework.  The SpyGlass login uses your official EmployeeID number (same as your student number) and a “PIN” for access.  The initial PIN for SpyGlass is the 2 digit year and 2 digit month of your birthday.  You must change the PIN during the first login and answer security challenge questions for future use.

Connections and Systems

Wireless on Campus

Pensacola State College provides wireless networking at all campuses and centers.

The PSC wireless network provides a secure wireless connection with access to all of the same systems as if you were plugged into a network jack on the wall.  Employees and students will be asked to login with their network account and password to gain access.

There is a PSCVisitors wireless network that will provide limited bandwidth access to visitors who do not have a college login account.

Access while off-campus

Many of the systems used in the regular business of the college are available from off-campus with appropriate login verification.

  • myPSCApps provides access to all of email, Workday and other cloud apps used at the college
  • Student Records Systems (eRoster, eManagement, eAdvising)
  • Email and Calendar can also be accessed using the mail app on your phone or other mobile device

VPN – some users have access to internal network connections via a Virtual Private Tunnel connection.  This access is approved at the Vice President level for certain employees.

If you will be off-campus attending a conference or have special projects in progress, your department head can request the use of a loaner laptop for up to 2 weeks.

Employees with a valid @pensacolastate.edu email account can download and install Microsoft Office365 onto their personally owned devices (up to 5 devices) for free!


Pensacola State College uses Microsoft 365 with Outlook for email.

All office computers have the Outlook mail client installed for access to college email.  The Outlook client provides access to your email, calendars, and task list as well as those that you may share or be delegating to use.

Email is also available through Microsoft Office 365 by using myPSCApps

You can setup your phone or mobile device to access the college email system with the Outlook app or using the web browser on your phone

Audio Visual and Classroom Support

Media Support Services (MSS) provides a variety of services for faculty and staff related to the delivery and set-up of audiovisual equipment. We are dedicated to addressing the instructional needs of faculty through the effective use of audiovisual aids. We are happy to help departments with the selection of audiovisual equipment for purchase, and we can also provide training in the use of audiovisual equipment as needed. Although the primary function of MSS is to support Pensacola State College faculty and staff, MSS offers support to the local community for approved events. Please contact the MSS Department for additional information on how we can provide the support you need.

A/V Equipment Request

A/V Equipment Request Form

MSS Services

MSS Services Request form

Printing & Copying

Printing & Copying in departments requires an ID#

In 2014, college copying increased to over 1,000,000 pages per year.  Many of these pages were later discarded because they were printed by mistake.  Staff are not charged for printing and copying, however, the management of costs should encourage accountability for all printed materials.  Remember, students are provided free printing services as well, so it is not necessary to print all materials for them.

How do I login and use the copiers?

PaperCut is the print management system in use that will allow the college to effectively manage and hopefully reduce the costs associated with printing and duplication.

Your employeeID is associated with your login account and your login account is assigned to a working department in the software.  You can either TYPE your ID# or SWIPE your CARD to obtain access to the walkup features of the copier/printer.  The pages will be charged at the following rate to your departmental budgets:

  • Black and White MFPs         .01/page (B/W only)
  • Color MFPs                          .02/page (B/W) .08/page Color

When swiping a card, the stripe goes AWAY from the light, and the swipe reads a little slower than some you may have used for credit cards or other types of swipe… so swipe a little slower if you have trouble.  When the card is read, it should beep once, then open the copier for use.

Print jobs will print automatically as they have in the past on employee copier/printers.  A print job will not ask for identification at the copier.

Can I see my copy/print transactions?

The PaperCut system provides a web portal page allowing you to see your own print transaction history.  You may login at https://print.pensacolastate.edu/user to see your history as well as the environmental impact of your printing choices.

How do I find my employee ID?

You can login to eHuman Resources or Spyglass using your SSN to see your Employee ID#. It is also on your printed ID.  It is located beneath the barcode and includes the 8 numbers after 25101 and does not include the final number on the card.

How does my Kelly Services employee use the copier?

Kelly services staff will not have a card to swipe, however, Kelly assigns an 8 digit employee number that should be assigned to their employee login account.  They will need to type this number in at the copier in order to use the walk-up features.  Because the number is assigned to the employee account, the system will see them as an employee and not charge against their student copies.

If the user was an employee before we began using Kelly Services, it is possible their student number was modified and used for their copier number… in this case, the copier id for their employee role will be their student # but include a 9 at the beginning – making it a 9 digit number.

How does my work-study or student assistant use the copier?

Students who also have an employee role at the college should have and use their employee login account in order to use office computers and other technology.  No student should be logging in to an employee office computer with their student account.

If a student worker does not have an employee account, in order to make copies, one will have to be requested for them.

Please use the Network Account Request Form found at Lan_Request.pdf and add their Student ID# where the form requests an Employee ID#.

What if I work for multiple departments or have multiple accounting cost centers?

We will install a new button on select copiers that allows the entry of an alternate cost center.  You will select that button before you use the copier/scanner/fax and select the cost center you wish to charge to.  Until that time, all copies will be charged to the working department assigned to the employee login account.

What if I need to make copies for a college club?

We will install a new button on select copiers that allows the entry of an alternate cost center.  You will select that button before you use the copier/scanner/fax and select the cost center you wish to charge to.

College-Wide VoIP Telephone System

How do I check my voicemail?

You can check voicemail using the button on your desktop phone.

You can call x1101 from any phone on campus and enter the requested extension and password.

You can call (850) 484-1101 from off-campus and enter the requested extension and password.

You can use the Communicator Software on your college computer. (https://www.pensacolastate.edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Managing-VoiceMail-using-Communicator-Software.pdf)

How can I receive my voicemail in my email?

If you wish to have your voicemail messages sent to your email inbox, this can be set in the Communicator software as well.

Choose Tools, Options from the Communicator window.

When the Options dialogue opens, select Voice Mail.

Click in the box to select Email Wave File as the Notification Delivery.

Ensure that the email address is entered and [optionally] check the box to mark message as heard (to remove the red blinking indicator light on your phone)


How do I dial long distance?

Both long distance and local calls will require dialing 9 first.  We no longer need to dial a 7 for long distance. However, you must dial 9 then 1 and the area code and phone number.

How do I transfer my phone to the Operator for Extended Absence (like Spring Break)?

This can be accomplished using the Communicator software on your PC or using your phone.

Using Communicator:

  1. Tools, Options, Extended Absence
  2. Select Always under Forward Calls and Change Destination
  3. Enter 1000 as the destination to forward calls
  4. OK to Save your changes
  5. On your phone, push the Mode button and select the Extended Absence mode.
  6. When you return, push the Mode button and select the Standard mode.


Using your Phone

  1. Select Options, enter your password and press OK
  2. Select the Edit button with Call Handling highlighted
  3. Select Extended Absence (with the navigation arrows on the phone)
  4. Select Edit (again)
  5. Set the Always Destination to 3617 (this is the fake extension on the new system to point to the real extension on the old system)
  6. Press Back and OK to exit back to the phone screen
  7. Press the Mode button and select Extended Absence

Why does Caller ID not have my name?

If you have been transitioned to the new Shoretel system, the caller ID for inside calls will show only your extension.  This is a temporary result of the combined systems. Once we transition the entire system off of the old Harris, correct caller id will be displayed.

For external LOCAL calls, your caller ID should be correct – however, for Long Distance calls, it will show 484-1000 until we can transition all users (and therefore the Long distance service) to the new system.

Why doesn't my direct line show on out-going calls?

Outbound LOCAL calls from the Shoretel system now show as your direct line.  Outbound LONG DISTANCE calls continue to display 484-1000 to the called party.

Once we transition ALL users to the new system, your line number will show correctly on outgoing calls.

I just got my new phone, what is my password?

The default password for all new Shoretel phones is 1234.  This works for voicemail (if it is configured for the phone) as well as changing options on the phone.  You will be required to change it the first time you use the phone.

How do I setup a conference call?

In your web browser, go to http://conference.pensacolastate.edu
When prompted, enter your network login information
Click the My Conferences Tab
Click the Add a Conference link
Give the conference a name and choose

Schedule if you want to specify a date and time or even a recurring date/time
Reservation-less if you do not have a specific date/time in mind

Click Submit to create the conference.

Once you see the conference in your “My Conferences” tab, you can choose to Invite others, Edit or Delete the conference.

The invite will provide the phone number and access code to your attendees.

When you are ready to start the conference, you can either connect from the computer using the JOIN option
(which will allow you to share your desktop and have chat capabilities throughout the conference)

Or if you wish to be audio only, you can connect via phone by calling x1010 (484-1010 from off campus) and entering the 8 digit code provided.

NOTE: the host can either use the host code or the participant code

Contact The Help Desk
Mon-Thu 7:30am – 6:30pm
Fri 7:30am – 4:00pm
Students Call (850) 471-4534
or Email helpdesk@students.pensacolastate.edu
Employees Call (850) 484-1702
or Email