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First-Time-in-College Advising Center

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The transition to college can be a challenge. There are many hurdles that a First-Time-in-College (FTIC) student may have to overcome. The FTIC Advising Center is a place where you can find answers to help you navigate through the process of being a new college student. The First-Time-in-College advisors are here to help you develop positive solutions that can significantly increase your chances for success.  Our primary location is on the Pensacola Campus in Building 5.  However, we have the flexibility to meet with students at our other campus locations depending on demand and availability.

What is a First-Time-in-College Advisor?

An FTIC advisor is assigned a specific group of students to develop plans to overcome obstacles and achieve their academic goals. As part of a first-year experience, you can expect to hear from your advisors early and often throughout the semester.

Our Mission

The FTIC Advising Center takes a holistic approach to providing students with the tools they need to succeed at Pensacola State College. We work to help students remain engaged to achieve their individual educational goals. We are committed to proactive interaction and providing the necessary level of support for an optimal educational experience.

Student-Centered Approach

Pensacola State College’s FTIC Advisors guide and empower FTIC students using purpose-driven advising practices that focus on student strengths to develop them into successful, autonomous individuals.  FTIC Advisors help students with the following:

  • Academic Planning—Goal setting, class selection, career searching and other strategies to improve academic performance
  • Study Smart— Effective study, note-taking and organization methods
  • Time Management—How to balance work, school and life responsibilities
  • Financial Awareness—Knowing deadlines and requirements for financial aid and understanding how changes in academic standing can affect it
  • Self-Awareness—Helping students recognize and affirm their goals, strengths, values, interests, purpose and passion.
  • Academic Improvement—Explore strategies to maximize academic performance
  • Campus Engagement—How to make the most out of your PSC experience
  • Academic and Student Resources—Learn about resources available to support your academic, social and personal success

Get In Touch With Us

You can expect your FTIC advisor to spend some time getting to know you.  We want to know your interests, what you hope to gain from your college experience, what classes you enjoy and any obstacles you may be working through so that we can help you navigate your path.  It’s our hope that you take full advantage of the opportunities and experiences offered here at Pensacola State College.

FTIC advisors communicate with students face-to-face, by phone, text or email.

Appointments are recommended and usually last 30 to 45 minutes.  Some students opt to visit with an FTIC advisor once a month or twice a semester, while others may want to visit just for registration.  Please find your advisor’s contact information below to schedule a no-wait appointment.

PSC FTIC Rafael Deliz 2017Rafael Deliz
FTIC Coordinator

Tel: 850-484-1365

Text: 850-389-4875

PSC FTIC Anita Bronson 2017Anita Bronson
FTIC Advisor

Tel: 850-484-1553

Text: 850-972-1547

PSC FTIC Lindsey Byrd 2017Lindsey Byrd
FTIC Advisor

Tel: 850-484-1633

Text: 850-895-9721

Make an appointment to discuss these resources.

Academic Plan

  • Time Management
    • Time Management Worksheet
    • Procrastination

Study and Test Taking Skills

  • The Study Cycle
    • How to Win at Note-Taking
    • Test Taking Tips

Career Research Resources

  • My Career Shines
  • Career Coach
  • Personality Assessment
  • Decision-Making Map


  • Managing Stress
  • Financial Literacy

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