Pensacola State College understands the issues facing students who were attending ITT Technical Institute when it closed on Tuesday, September 6, 2016.  To help, we have set up a team of people to assist students who wish to transition to Pensacola State College.  PSC offers affordable, fully accredited programs in many of the same areas as ITT Tech.  To learn more, please contact the following offices for assistance:

Step 1 - Admission

Contact our ADMISSIONS OFFICE for assistance and information about becoming a student at PSC.  This office is your first step, and our staff can answer the majority of your questions about transitioning to PSC.

ADMISSIONS OFFICE  l  Debbie Gerard l (850) 484-2544  l

Step 2 - Financial Aid

Contact our FINANCIAL AID OFFICE to learn more about your financial aid status.  Our staff can tell you:

  • How much you owe for federal loans borrowed to attend ITT or other schools;
  • What to do if you want to seek forgiveness for federal student loans from ITT; and
  • How to get financial aid and scholarships to attend Pensacola State College

FINANCIAL AID OFFICE  l  Maleea Bailey  (850) 484-1634

Step 3 - Academic Advising

Contact our ACADEMIC ADVISING OFFICES on any PSC campus for help evaluating where you stand in your program of study and learn how your progress at ITT Tech applies at PSC.  The transfer of credits is something that will need to be evaluated individually for each person, but PSC will make every effort to transfer as many credits as possible within the constraints of our regional accrediting body.

PENSACOLA CAMPUS  l  Monique Collins  (850) 484-1552

WARRINGTON CAMPUS  l  Judy Floyd  (850) 484-2273

MILTON CAMPUS  l  Sara Wilson  (850) 484-4443

SOUTH SANTA ROSA CENTER  l  Patrice Friant  (850) 484-4641

CENTURY CENTER  l  Paula Byrd  (850) 484-4679