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How to Collect Your Financial Aid 



  • Financial Aid disbursements and tuition refunds will be provided to Pensacola State College credit students based on the student’s Pensacola State Refund Selection Choice.  A student may choose from the following methods:
    • Electronic Funds Transfer to the student’s personal bank account OR
    • BankMobile card
  • Payments are usually made at least once per term and Pensacola State College will inform you via your PirateMail as to how and when you will be paid.
  • After all financial obligations to the college have been deducted, the remaining balance of grant funds are paid directly to your Pensacola State Refund Selection Choice.
  • Pell grants approved after the start of classes are credited to a student’s Pensacola State Refund Selection Choice throughout the term.


If your grant is insufficient to pay all costs, you must pay the difference.



  • Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized/PLUS Loans are electronically transmitted to Pensacola State College and will be credited to your Pensacola State Refund Selection Choice.
  • You will not receive a check from a lender.
  • You should carefully read all loan paperwork you receive.


Pensacola State Scholarships

  • Any student receiving Pensacola State College scholarships must come to the Financial Aid office to sign a Scholarship Acceptance Form.
  • Funds are then applied to the student’s account.


Miscellaneous Scholarships

  • Other types of scholarship payments are handled on an individual basis specific to each scholarship.
  • Contact the source of your scholarship to find out how the funds will be provided to you.