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Department Directory

Academic Departments
Departments Name Phone Number Fax Number
Adult Education (850) 484-2159
Allied Health (850) 484-2308
BAS Admin & Supervision (850) 484-2504
Biological Sciences (850) 484-1167
Business (850) 484-2504
Cisco Asc/Itc Workfc Ed (850) 484-2592
Collegiate High School (850) 484-2132 (850) 484-1830
Computer Science (850) 484-2522
Cosmetic Arts (850) 484-1013 (850) 484-1635
Cosmetic Arts (850) 484-1013 (850) 484-1635
Culinary & Hospitality Mgmt (850) 484-1013 (850) 484-1543
Culinary & Hospitality Mgmt (850) 484-1013 (850) 484-1543
Developmental Studies (850) 484-1185
Education (850) 484-2137
Educator Prep Institute (850) 484-1425
Engineering Tech Programs (850) 484-2522
English/Communications (850) 484-1400 (850) 484-1149
Enrollment Services (850) 484-2076
Health Sciences (850) 484-2308 (850) 484-2364
History/Lang/Social Sciences (850) 484-2137
Information Tech Programs (850) 484-2522
Massage Therapy (850) 484-1013
Mathematics (850) 484-1128
Nursing (850) 484-2341 (850) 484-2326
Nursing-Upper Level (850) 484-2341
Performing Arts (850) 484-1800 (850) 484-1835
Physical Sciences (850) 484-1189 (850) 484-1822
Vet Technology (850) 484-1167
Visual Arts (850) 484-2554 (850) 484-2564
Workforce Education (850) 484-1158

All Departments

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Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Academic Computing Center - Pensacola484-1172PNS21
Academic Computing Center - Warrington484-2322WAR3400
Academic Programs - Milton Campus484-4420 MLT4200
Admissions - Milton484-4410MLT4200
Admissions - Warrington484-2270WAR3600
Admissions and Information Center484-2544PNS2
Admissions, Health Programs484-2210WAR3100
Adult Basic Education484-2120PNS1
Advising - Milton484-4410MLT4200
Advising - Pensacola (Adult Basic Education)484-2584PNS1
Advising - Pensacola (Collegiate High)484-2177PNS11
Advising - Pensacola (Degree Program)484-1630PNS5
Advising - Warrington484-2270WAR3600
Allied Health Department484-2308WAR3100
Alumni Affairs484-1560PNS23
Aquatics Program484-1311PNS3
Art - Graphic Arts484-2519PNS17
Art - Visual Arts Department484-2550PNS15
Art - Visual Arts Gallery484-2563PNS15
Associate Vice President, College Marketing and Information484-1884PNS7
Athletics - Sports Information Director484-1578PNS3
Automotive Technology484-1950PNS17
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Baccalaureate Studies, Assistant Dean484-1796PNS7
Biological Sciences Department:484-1167PNS17
Bookstore - Milton484-4445MLT4200
Bookstore - Pensacola484-1515PNS5
Bookstore - Warrington484-2233WAR3600
Business Affairs484-1722PNS7
Business Department484-2505PNS10
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Cafeteria, Pensacola484-1511PNS5
Career & Technical Education Student Resources484-2163PNS6
Career Connection - Milton484-4444MLT4200
Career Connection - Warrington484-2342WAR3600
Cashier's Office - Milton484-4446MLT4200
Cashier's Office - Pensacola484-1782PNS2B
Cashier's Office - Warrington484-2385WAR3600
Center For Advising and Career Services - Pensacola484-1630PNS5
Central Services484-1910PNS9
Central Stores484-1914PNS9
Child Care Center484-1521PNSPJC JR
College Development and Alumni Affairs484-1560PNS23
College Reach Out Program (Minority Recruitment)484-2158PNS6
Community Programs484-1796PNS96
Comptroller - Accounts Payable484-1712PNS7
Comptroller - General Accounting484-1786PNS7
Comptroller - Payroll484-1747PNS7
Comptroller - Property Control484-1742PNS7
Comptroller - Restricted Accounting484-1729PNS7
Computer Lab (see Academic Computing Center)
Computer Science Department484-2522PNS17
Computer Services484-1473PNS13
Computer Services484-1470PNS13
Continuing Education484-1797PNS96
Cooperative Education484-1653PNS6
Cosmetology Department
(see Professional Service Careers)
Cosmetology Salon484-2567PNS12
Culinary Management484-1422PNS5
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Dance Program484-1330PNS19
Dean, Curriculum Implementation484-1936PNS7
Dean, Instructional Affairs and Career Education484-1764PNS7
Debate Room484-1412PNS4
Dental Assisting Clinic484-2398WAR3100
Dental Hygiene Clinic484-2236WAR3100
Developmental Studies484-1186PNS1
District Dean, Learning Resource Services484-2014PNS20
Downtown Center484-1374DTCDTC
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Economic Development484-1374DTCDTC
Educational Opportunity Center - Escarosa Center607-8745PNSL Street
Educational Opportunity Center - Milton484-4455MLT4100
Educational Opportunity Center - Pensacola484-1961PNS6
Educational Opportunity Center - Warrington484-2357WAR3600
Educational Talent Search484-1620PNS6
Educational Television (WSRE)484-1200PNS23
EMERGENCIES - Milton484-4481MLT4200
EMERGENCIES - Pensacola484-2000PNS1
EMERGENCIES - Warrington484-2283WAR3300
Engineering Technology484-2522PNS17
English/ Communications Department484-1400PNS4
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Facilities Planning and Construction484-1178PNS1
Faculty Resource Center484-1970PNS17
Faculty/Staff Services484-1760PNS7
Fellows Memorial Fund471-4546PNS20
Financial Aid/Scholarships - Milton 484-4410MLT4200
Financial Aid/Scholarships - Pensacola484-1680PNS2B
Financial Aid/Scholarships - Warrington484-2349WAR3600
Foundation - Pensacola State College Development484-1560PNS17
Foundation - WSRE Development484-1236PNS23
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
G.E.D. Information484-2120PNS1
Government Relations484-1780PNS7
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Health Admissions484-2210WAR3100
Health Clinic484-1322PNS3
Health Sciences484-2301WAR3100
Health, Human Performance & Recreation Department484-1314PNS96
History/Languages/Social Sciences484-1425PNS14
Human Resources - Department484-1760PNS7
Human Resources - Director484-1766PNS7
Human Resources - Employment Office484-1799PNS7
Human Resources - Faculty and Staff Services484-1760PNS7
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Information Technology Department484-1173PNS17
Information Technology Services 484-1133PNS13
Information Technology Services, Executive Director484-1140PNS13
Inservice Training484-1754PNS7
Institutional Research & Grants484-1705PNS7
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Job Line - Graduate484-1845PNS6
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Kobacker Institute for Political Debate484-2334WAR3400
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Language Learning Center484-1436PNS4
Learning Enrichment Center484-2003PNS1
Learning Enrichment Center - Computer Learning Lab484-2008PNS1
Legal Services484-1726PNS7
Liberal Arts, School of Pensacola Campus484-1438PNS4
Library - Milton484-4450MLT4100
Library - Pensacola484-2002PNS20
Library - Warrington484-2252WAR3500
Life Fitness Center - Milton484-4490MLT4000
Life Fitness Center - Pensacola484-1355 PNS1
Life Fitness Center - Warrington484-2310WAR3200
Lifelong Learning484-1797PNS96
Literary Publication484-1450PNS4
Lyceum Ticket Office484-1847PNS8
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Machining Lab484-2154PNS18
Mail Room484-1915PNS9
Maintenance and Plant Operations484-1902PNS9
Management Information Systems484-1340PNS16
Marketing and College Information484-1428PNS7
Marketing and College Information (Art & Graphics)484-1224PNS23
Mary Ekdahl Smart Center for Patient Simulation Training & Research484-1060WAR3700
Massage Therapy484-1642PNS12
Math Lab - Milton484-4403WAR4200
Math Lab - Pensacola484-2003PNS1
Math Lab - Warrington484-2378WAR3100
Mathematics Department484-1125PNS1
Media Support Services - Pensacola Campus484-1444PNS98
Media Support Services - Warrington Campus484-2280WAR3500
Microcomputer Resources484-1702PNS13
Milton Campus484-4400MLTMLT
Multisensory Lab484-2208WAR3100
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Nursing Department484-2254WAR3100
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Orientation Information484-2077PNS2A
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Paint Shop484-1919PNS9
Performing Arts Department484-1800PNS8
Physical Sciences Department484-1189PNS97
Physical Sciences Department - Chemistry Lab484-1102PNS21
Physical Sciences Department - Physics Lab484-1108PNS21
POLICE - Downtown Center484-1373DTCDTC
POLICE - Milton484-4481MLT4100
POLICE - Pensacola484-2500PNS5
POLICE - Warrington484-2283WAR3300
Pool (Swim Hours)484-1311PNS3
Precollegiate Studies484-2068PNS20
Professional Service Careers PNS10
Professional Service Careers - Barbering484-2567PNS12
Professional Service Careers - Cosmetology484-2567PNS12
Professional Service Careers - Culinary Management Coordinator484-1422PNS5
Professional Service Careers - Department Head484-1013PNS10
Professional Service Careers - Dining Room484-1422PNS5
Professional Service Careers - Facials484-1642PNS12
Professional Service Careers - Foods Lab Office484-1422PNS5
Professional Service Careers - Hospitality Management Coordinator 484-1159PNS10
Professional Service Careers - Massage Therapy484-1642PNS12
Professional Service Careers - Nails484-2567PNS12
Professional Service Careers - Salon484-2567PNS12
Professional Service Careers - Salon484-1397MLT4300
Professional Service Careers - Salon484-1695Century Center7000
Project Family Transition484-1960PNS12
Purchasing and Auxiliary Services - Director 484-1778PNS7
Purchasing and Auxiliary Services - Services484-1779PNS7
Purchasing and Auxiliary Services:
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Rape Risk Reduction Education and Training484-1191PNS1
Reader Services, LRC484-2002PNS20
Reading Lab484-1451PNS1
Recruiting and Retention484-2077PNS2
Registration - Collegiate High484-2177PNS11
Registration - Continuing Education484-1797PNS96
Registration - Downtown Center484-1374DTCDTC
Registration - Milton484-4410MLT4200
Registration - Pensacola484-1601PNS2B
Registration - Warrington484-2270WAR3600
Resource Development484-1709PNS20
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Scholarships (see Financial Aid/Veterans Affairs/Scholarships)
School to Work/Tech. Prep.484-1492PNS12
Science Department484-2340WAR3400
Secondary Education Department484-2130PNS11
Staff and Program Development484-1754PNS96
Steel Fab Lab484-2155PNS18
Student Activities - Pensacola484-1503PNS5
Student Activities - SGA Pensacola484-1534PNS5
Student Activities - SGA Warrington484-2235WAR3600
Student Activities - Warrington484-2293WAR3600
Student Government Association - Milton484-4436MLT4200
Student ID Center-Pensacola484-1530PNS6
Student ID Center-Warrington484-1037WAR3300
Student Job Services - Pensacola484-1654PNS6
Student Job Services - Warrington484-2342WAR3600
Student Life484-2128PNS5
Student Literacy Corps484-1193PNS1
Student Records484-1600PNS2
Student Resource Center for ADA Services484-1637PNS6
Student Services Director - Milton484-4440MLT4200
Student Services Director - Pensacola484-1600PNS2B
Student Services Director - Warrington484-2270PNS3600
Student Support Service Program (SSSP)484-2028PNS6
Student Support Services Lab484-1195PNS1
Swimming Pool484-1311PNS3
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Technical Services, LRC484-2022PNS20
Telecommunication Systems484-1699PNS13
Telecommunication Systems484-1704PNS13
Testing Center - Milton484-4410MLT4200
Testing Center - Pensacola484-1656PNS6
Testing Center - Pensacola, Appointment Line484-1987PNS6
Testing Center - Warrington484-2309WAR3600
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Unisys Consortium - Consortium Director484-1132PNS16
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Veterans Affairs484-1670PNS6
Veterans Upward Bound484-2068PNS6
Veterans Upward Bound Director484-1438PNS6
Vice President, Academic Affairs484-1706PNS7
Vice President, Business Affairs484-1728PNS7
Vice President, Student Affairs484-1500PNS6
Visual Arts Department484-2564PNS15
Vocational Rehabilitation484-1660PNS6
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Warrington Campus484-2200WARWAR
Welfare Programs595-5200
Workforce and Economic Development484-1374DTCDTC
Writing Lab - Pensacola484-1943PNS1
Writing Lab - Warrington484-2351WAR3400
WSRE Television484-1200PNS23
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
Department NamePhone NumberCampusBuilding
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