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Project Challenge

About the Program

Project Challenge is designed to recruit minority males to college and give them a “jumpstart” on their college education.

Program participants receive mentoring through the Man to Man (M2M) program.  This gives students an opportunity to be paired with a minority male employed at Pensacola State College, whom students are expected to meet with at least once per week.  Through Project Challenge, students can also expect cultural experiences, workshops, travel, career planning, counseling, financial aid assistance, skills development and experiential learning opportunities.

Program participants are also eligible to gain valuable work experience with on-campus employment during the program.

“Project Challenge program changed my whole perspective on attending college.  It taught me how to deal with college the RIGHT way.” –Derrick Blackmon

Program Requirements

  • Be a minority male

  • Be at least 17 years of age

  • Complete a PSC admissions application with paid $30 fee

  • Have a high school diploma (or equivalent) and meet admissions requirements

  • Complete a Project Challenge Application

“When I was in Project Challenge I had a great time and it was also very educational.  My whole experience in Project Challenge was about being successful in college and succeeding in life.  I would recommend joining this excellent program!” –Myles Williams

What the Student Receives

  • One free college credit course

  • Free textbook

  • On-campus work experience

  • Travel

  • Workshops

To apply for 2014 Project Challenge, return application before June 5, 2014 deadline to:

Pensacola State College

Mr. Dominique Jordan

Building 5, Room 508

1000 College Boulevard

Pensacola, FL 32504

CLICK HERE for Application

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If you would like to recommend a student or have questions regarding 2013 Project Challenge, please contact:


Mr. Dominique Jordan


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